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"A Dog Named Christmas" is an endearing TV movie that aired in 2009. It features an excellent ensemble of actors, including Bruce Greenwood ("Star Trek"), Linda Emond ("Julie & Julia"), and Noel Fisher ("Shameless"). This heartwarming, family-friendly movie, based on the book by Greg Kincaid, unfolds a tale of love, hope, and compassion that revolves around man’s best friend - dogs. Bruce Greenwood plays George McCray, the stern patriarch of a rural Kansas farming family. Linda Emond portrays Mary Ann McCray, a compassionate and understanding woman, who is not just a loving wife but also a doting mother. Together, they have an adopted son, Todd McCray, played brilliantly by Noel Fisher. Todd is a developmentally challenged young man in his 20s, portrayed with a perfect balance of innocence and curiosity by Fisher. The McCray family, despite their inopportunities, are a content and close-knit unit living on their farm. A unique charm of their farm is the presence of vibrant and lovable dogs. The McCray family's association with dogs is not just limited to their property. The story takes a turn when Todd hears about a local animal shelter’s annual Christmas "Adopt a Dog" program on the radio. Without wasting any time, Todd pitches the idea of adopting a dog for Christmas to his parents. Although initially reluctant, Mary Ann decides to support Todd’s initiative, primarily to fuel his sense of involvement and responsibility. On the other hand, George is not particularly thrilled with the idea, possibly due to a bitter past associated with dogs. However, with Todd's endearing persuasion skills and constant encouragement from Mary Ann, he begrudgingly gives in. And so, the McCray family ends up adopting a golden retriever, whom Todd appropriately names ‘Christmas’. As the story unfolds, the relationship between Todd and Christmas becomes the epitome of unconditional love and friendship. ‘Christmas’ is not just a dog but a catalyst that leads to various transformations within the McCray family as well as in their community. The adoption of ‘Christmas’ ignites a flame of compassion and understanding, setting in motion a series of events that broaden the scope of relationships not only between individuals and pets but also between family members and the community around them. It's worth noting here that despite this movie being centered on a dog the real focus is on the protagonist, Todd. His character development through the film is a touching exploration of how someone with special needs can find purpose, love, and a sense of responsibility through an unexpected friendship. Fisher skillfully depicts the nuances of Todd - his innocence, his resilience, and his ability to love unconditionally. The performances of the lead actors are commendable. Greenwood flawlessly executes the complex character of George, a man haunted by his past, yet trying to provide the best for his family. Emond wonderfully portrays the maternal and supportive Mary Ann, whose strength and tenderness are the backbone of the McCray family. In addition to the human actors, the canine actors deserve special mention. They managed to add an undercurrent of joy, love, and positivity without overshadowing the actors’ performances. The bonding between Fisher and Christmas is delightful to watch, and their scenes together are truly heart-tugging. The setting of the movie plays a major role in embodying the essence of the story. Set in rural Kansas, the movie offers beautiful scenery and landscapes. The wintery charm of Kansas gracefully lends itself to the spirit of Christmas, tying in organically with the film's theme. "A Dog Named Christmas" is a memorable film that subtly introduces viewers to thought-provoking themes such as adoption, caring for animals, and the challenges and rewards of raising a child with special needs. It's a wonderfully executed Hallmark movie that brings the true meaning of Christmas to the forefront - love, empathy, compassion, and most importantly, giving.

A Dog Named Christmas is a Kids & Family, Drama, TV Movie movie released in 2009. It has a runtime of 95. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.4..

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