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Kitty Litter!
Mutant land sharks catch the Aquabats off guard during a day at the beach. The legendary Shark Fighter arises to take them on and be the big brother Crash has always wanted.

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Christmas With the Aquabats!
Ricky's perfect Christmas is threatened when the Aquabats are convicted of breaking the law that forbids Yuletide celebration. Their only hope is for the big man himself, Santa, to save them.

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The Aquabats Super Show is an eccentric and one-of-a-kind television series that aired on HUB World from 2012 to 2018. Designed to entertain and engage audiences across the age spectrum, the show proved to be an infectious blend of music, zany comedy, and off-beat superheroes. This unique amalgamation of pop culture elements, delivered in a highly stylized yet playful manner, made it a true standout among other programs. The series was developed and led by Christian Jacobs, one of the founding members of the California-based band The Aquabats. A real-life rock and roll band, the show conceptualized The Aquabats as a group of musicians by day and extraordinary, slightly bumbling superheroes by night. This bunch of unlikely superheroes embarked upon a series of adventures packed with music, silliness, and a whole lot of fun. The Aquabats Super Show spotlights five core characters - The MC Bat Commander, Crash McLarson, Ricky Fitness, EagleBones Falconhawk, and Jimmy the Robot. Each member of this motley crew of super musicians boasts their signature superhero costume, special powers, and a knack for comedy. The characters play off of each other in a way that's engagingly flawed and endearing, making their goofy camaraderie one of the highlights of the show. One of the defining elements of The Aquabats Super Show is its self-referential and irreverent humor. It often parodies elements of pop culture, particularly from the 60s and 70s. These references include pastiches of specific episodes of the Batman series or kaiju-style creatures that are reminiscent of Godzilla movies. The style of humor ranges from slapstick to surreal, with plenty of inside jokes for the fans. The series is a blend of live-action and animated sequences, seamlessly integrated to generate a uniquely immersive viewing experience. The animated portions, in particular, provide a creative counterpoint to the live-action segments, often serving as backstories or dream sequences. Music is another integral aspect of The Aquabats Super Show. Being a real-life band, The Aquabats incorporate original songs into each episode. The music ranges from catchy rock tunes to goofy songs that fuel the ongoing adventures. Along with providing entertainment, the songs often carry the plot forward and are integral to the narrative's progression. Plot-wise, the series doesn't chronologically follow a particular storyline but nonetheless maintains a sense of continuity of character relationships and shared history. Each episode sees The Aquabats tackling another villain or a puzzling challenge. Viewers are always kept on their toes wondering what wild adventure they'll embark on next. The show's visual appeal is another attractive feature, filled with bright colors and theatrical action sequences. The low-budget aesthetic of the series adds a charming DIY element to it, which augments the show's quirky appeal. The Aquabats Super Show perfectly straddles the line between satire and sincerity. It's capable of making audiences laugh while also pulling at their heartstrings. More than just a series, it's a love letter to music, nostalgia, popular culture, and classic superheroes. The show's consistent charm lies in its ability to not take itself too seriously, making it a truly enjoyable watch. In its entirety, The Aquabats Super Show is a vibrant, musical romp that injects humor and hijinks into every episode. Its characters are delightful in their ridiculousness, the stories are wonderfully weird, and the overall presentation is a visual and auditory explosion of fun. It offers the perfect blend of music-infused superhero adventures that hold the potential to entertain kids and adults alike. Whether or not you're familiar with the band, the show is a delightful dive into a world of off-kilter superheroes, outrageous adventures, and infectious music.

The Aquabats Super Show is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 22 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.7.

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