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Arriving in Australia, the Robinsons are reintroduced to civilization -- and to some old friends.

Watch Swiss Family Robinson Season 4 Episode 13 Now

Together on the High Seas
The excitement of the trip turns to desperation when, after three weeks at sea, food and water run short. A fresh palm leaf promises that land is near.

Watch Swiss Family Robinson Season 4 Episode 12 Now

Good-Bye Island Home
Though getting away has long been their dream, the Robinsons find it hard to say good-bye to their island home and the exciting life they found there.

Watch Swiss Family Robinson Season 4 Episode 11 Now

Don't Abandon the Goats!
Morton is adamant -- no animals on board. Space and supplies are limited, but Becca can't face leaving their animal friends behind.

Watch Swiss Family Robinson Season 4 Episode 10 Now

The Boat Awaits
While the castaways wait for a favorable tide, they struggle over what to do with their animals.

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Donkey, Don't Lie
With grueling effort, the boat is completed. The donkey helps with the launch -- the last work he is ever to do for the Robinsons.

Watch Swiss Family Robinson Season 4 Episode 8 Now

Shipbuilding Again
Ernest and Morton devise a last-chance plan to escape from the island. Morton directs the shipbuilding, and everyone pitches in.

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The Sea Calls
While the Robinsons worry about how to leave the island, Morton returns suffering from exposure to the sun, and they learn they have misjudged him.

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Day of Terror
As rumblings spread over the island, the animals grow restless and the people worried. During the night an earthquake hits, collapsing the cave.

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Volcanic activity threatens the island, and Morton decides it is time to leave. He takes a canoe and supplies from the Robinsons, and secretly paddles off.

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Riding Big Bird
Tomtom's skills offer exciting opportunities for the Robinsons. He introduces Mrs. Robinson to new island foods, and helps the children capture and train an ostrich.

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Morton the Grump
Morton is grumpy and troublesome, drinking the medicinal alcohol and offering the children cigars. But when Becca gets into a tight spot, she discovers a warmer side to the gruff captain.

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Becca Does Her Best
The young Aborigine Tomtom was orphaned when white settlers killed his parents. When he learns the Robinsons were headed to Australia as colonists, he rejects their friendship, and it takes all Becca's ingenuity to change his mind.

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Swiss Family Robinson is a 1974 Canadian television drama series produced by CTV and filming primarily in Canada. The series is based on the 1812 novel "The Swiss Family Robinson" by Johann David Wyss. The show features Chris Wiggins, Diana Leblanc, and a whole ensemble of actors whose performances brought the iconic characters to life on the small screen.

The 26-episode series takes its viewers on an exciting adventure, painting a picture of survival, family unity, discovery, and the quest to adapt to a new environment. Swiss Family Robinson is a story of a shipwrecked Swiss family – father, mother, and three young sons who find themselves stranded on a deserted tropical island. Left with a few possessions, the family uses survival skills, resourcefulness, adventure, and inventiveness as they endeavor to adapt to an unknown environment.

The head of the family portrayed by actor Chris Wiggins is a strong, creative, and wise man. He leads his family effectively and sets a courageous example for his sons, teaching them vital survival skills and helping them become responsible, innovative men despite their challenging circumstances. He embodies the spirit of adaptability and bravery, which the show highlights as critical for survival.

Diana Leblanc, on the other hand, portrays the loving and nurturing mother. She not only delivers a performance demonstrating the strength and courage of a mother in an unknown, challenging situation but also brings nuanced emotions of care, hope, and willpower to an otherwise adversity-stricken family.

Together, they teach their sons how to hunt, fish, build shelter, cultivate crops, and, most importantly, how to stay together as a family. Each episode brings new challenges and discoveries, adding layers to the narrative and the characters' development. The show does an excellent job of laying down the foundation of a family drama against the backdrop of survival adventure.

Swiss Family Robinson also shines in its visual storytelling. The lush and pristine landscapes, where the show was filmed, add to the awe and majesty of this series. The viewers are meant to feel a part of this vivid jungle environment, isolated beaches, and hidden caves present an enticing and captivating feel to the storyline. The set designs and props, though minimal, fittingly capture the essence of this survival story.

Furthermore, the series has a distinctive educational angle as it shows the family ingeniously design and craft tools, shelter, and other necessities from what the island provides, thereby teaching young viewers about problem-solving, resourcefulness and the basic principles of engineering and science, all delivered in an entertaining way.

The show's primary theme is survival, but it also dips delicately into various subtext like human ingenuity, family-kinship, the struggle against daunting odds, and the resolve to survive without compromising unity. This 1974 show is family-friendly, and the adventures the Robinson family undertakes teach various life skills and draw analogies to everyday problems, serving as a coming-of-age tale for the young sons.

Swiss Family Robinson is peppered with elements of suspense and thrill, making it a gripping watch. Each episode brings a thrilling tale of resourcefulness and determination, portraying the family's ongoing struggles but also their joys and triumph as they reinvent their life on the island.

While primarily a survival saga, Swiss Family Robinson is also a profound exploration of family dynamics. It showcases the resilient power of familial bonds during adversity, and in doing so, narrates an inspiring tale of courage, perseverance and hope. In this regard, the show remains deeply relatable despite its extraordinary setting, effectively capturing the universal human spirit.

In conclusion, Swiss Family Robinson from CTV showcases a captivating saga of survival, underpinned by a strong narrative, captivating performances, and a central theme of family. This 1974 Canadian series is an exciting and educational show that remains a timeless classic, enthralling audiences of all ages with its adventurous spirit and charismatic characters.

Swiss Family Robinson is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 63 episodes, the show debuted on 1974. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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