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When Sendo joins the mixed team, they establishes chemistry, making crisp passes, and continuous dramatic combinations that are far more advanced than the district tournament plays. On the other hand, Hanamichi is unable to show off the results of his training, and his teammates look at him with disdain.

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Intense Battle Begins!
The Shoyo and Ryonan mixed team consists of Fujima, Hanagata, and Hasegawa from Shoyo along with Uozumi and Ikegami from Ryonan. A lot of pressure is put on Shohoku.

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The Passionate Heart, Uozumi Once Again!
Hanamichi annoyingly suggests a practice game to show off the results of his special training to Akagi and the rest of the team. Then, Shoyo's Fujima, Hanagata, and Hasegawa who coincidently met up with Hikoichi come by to cheer them on.

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Basketball Shoes II
The final day of training camp. Hanamichi finally makes his final jump shot to end his 20,000 jump shot training.

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Hanamichi's Hottest Day of His Life
While Hanamichi works hard on his 20,000 jumps jump shot training, Haruko invites him to the festival for a change of pace. Hanamichi is very elated for this Haruko's suggestion.

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Fierce Battle at Shizuoka!
While Hanamichi is practicing his 20,000 jump shots, Akagi and the team have a practice game in Shizuoka with their fellow training camp partners, Jousei High School. Top team in Shizuoka, top 8 in the nation, Jousei is surely a strong team that can't be taken for granted.

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A 20,000 Shot Challenge
Finally, the intense training camp has started. When Akagi and his team go to Shizuoka for a combined training camp with Jousei High School, Hanamichi is told to stay behind for a special training with Anzai.

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Male Friendship!? Sakuragi's Gang
To be able to cheer Hanamichi on at the game, Yohei and his friends get part-time jobs to pay for travel expenses to Hiroshima where the national tournament will take place. They start working in two seaside shacks, but on payday they are faced with an unexpected expense.

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The Nationals at Risk
The Shohoku basketball team encounters an unexpected crisis. Shohoku High School regulations state, "If you have four or more failed tests, you are not eligible to participate in the interscholastics".

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Man of Miracles, Hanamichi Sakuragi!
Shohoku's scrimmage with the mixed team of Fujima and Hanagata of Shoyo, with Uozumi, Sendo, and Fukuda of Ryonan instantly changed momentum when Sendo entered the game. However, Hanamichi who was concerned with his jump shot focuses on his rebounding.

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Glorious Slam Dunk
The opportunity has finally presented itself for Hanamichi to show off his new move, the "Training Camp Shot". While the players from the mixed team and even his own team look on in disbelief, Hanamichi carries on making his Training Camp Shot.

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Set within the high-energy universe of basketball, Slam Dunk aired from 1993-1996 is a widely celebrated treasure from Toei Animation. Combining elements of sports, comedy-drama, and coming-of-age narratives, the show manages to reach out and touch the hearts of both anime lovers and sports enthusiasts. The protagonist of the show is Hanamichi Sakuragi, a hot-blooded, red-haired high school delinquent with a remarkably tall stature and an unfortunate history of constant rejection. As a byproduct of continually being spurned by girls, he holds a quite bitter outlook towards life. However, everything changes when he meets Haruko Akagi, a beautiful basketball enthusiast whose allure pulls Sakuragi towards the sport. Despite not having any prior experience or understanding of basketball, Sakuragi’s intense dedication propels him to join Shohoku High School’s mediocre basketball team. The narrative arc of Slam Dunk transcends the edges of just basketball. The core of the story landscapes the development of Sakuragi from an ignorant and crude roughneck to a mature basketball sensation. His journey, threaded with countless on-court adversities and dramatic events, makes Slam Dunk an enjoyable ride for the audience. Moreover, the evolution of his relationship with his teammates, especially the team’s superstar Kaede Rukawa and with Haruko, who introduced Sakuragi to basketball in first place, forms an integral part of the narrative. What really stands out in Slam Dunk is its treatment of basketball. The game is depicted with fervor and enthusiasm, packed with anime-styled hyperbolic moves and highly energized matches that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. It furnishes minute details about the game and its rules, along with the players' techniques and their strategic planning during the match. The show focuses on realistic growth and development of the characters' skills, making every breakthrough and victory an encouraging progress for the audience. Slam Dunk exudes a distinct sense of camaraderie and teamwork. The nuances of compassion, rivalry, and pursuit of excellence are reflected in the interactions between players, their coaches, and the fans. The sense of team spirit and resulting synergy during matches creates an embodiment of unity and mutual respect, making the story even more vivid and appealing. The show spins a perfect blend of humor and drama, intertwining comical moments with serious competition, easing the pressure of intense matches and maintaining the overall entertainment quotient. Besides, the show doesn’t shy away from exploring the emotional sensibilities of the characters. It explores various themes of love, rejection, friendship, determination, rivalry, and perseverance, which gives the anime depth and makes the characters more relatable. The animation, done by Toei Animation, is commendable considering the period it was produced in. The character designs are distinctly recognizable and fitting with their personalities. Moreover, the fluid animations during the basketball matches, drawings of the characters' movements, and overall visualization profoundly align with the storyline and creates an engaging atmosphere. The soundtrack deserves a special mention. The opening and closing themes, along with the in-between music, wonderfully compliment the high-energy vibe of the show. The sounds of the basketball bouncing on the court, players rushing, and crowd cheering are also very well presented, making the experience more immersive for the viewers. Over the three-year span of its run, Slam Dunk has immortalized itself in the heart of anime lovers. The premise of the show casts a spellbinding hold over its audience, making it a cultural touchstone of its time. Levels of engagement created by the show have even been reported to inspire its viewers to take up basketball, a powerful testament to its charm and relevance even in contemporary times. Summing it up, Slam Dunk is a celebration of the spirit of basketball intertwined with elements of drama, joy, team work and teenage emotions. It is a compelling show that captures the wonder, thrill, and challenge of the sport while exploring more profound themes of personal growth and belonging. Whether you are a fan of gripping sports narratives or an admirer of heartfelt stories, Slam Dunk offers an engaging experience that crosses the boundaries of a typical sports anime.

Slam Dunk is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 247 episodes, the show debuted on 1993. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.8.

Toei Animation
Takeshi Kusao, Hikaru Midorikawa
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