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Future Sea Power
Today a single fourth generation destroyer class vessel has more firepower than an entire fleet of WWII battleships. This episode takes an in depth look at the technology of today and the modifications being made to these giant carriers of the future.

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Naval Aircraft
During WWII in the Coral Sea, a battle took place that for the first time in history involved only Naval air power. In this episode we examine the history of Naval planes, their problematic test flights and the advanced technology they now carry today.

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Pre-war Development
This fascinating episodes_4-18 looks at the Naval lessons learnt after the First World War. Large flaws came to the surface and here we explore in detail the development of the aircraft carrier plus the early fighter planes leading up to the now famous Harrier jets.

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The Royal Australian Navy
Here we take a look at the Australian Navy and the training operations it carries out to ready itself for battle. Although small in comparison to the might of the US or Britain, this episode looks closely at this primarily defensive Navy and the weapons it has in its growing arsenal.

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Amphibious Assault
This episode looks at one of the most difficult military operations - the amphibious landing. Here we examine the problems faced when trying to deploy troops and machinery onto the land.

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Hellcats And Kamikaze
In this episode we explore perhaps one of the most intriguing weapons of WWII. A weapon the Japanese devised, that shocked the Americans and bewildered them.

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The Aircraft Carrier
In this episode we look at the most formidable of vessels and in a sense, the true essence of sea power. We take a fascinating look at the history of these grand old ladies and look at the new and incredible technologies being applied to the boats of the future.

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This episode investigates the various types of missiles a modern vessel may carry. These weapons reign supreme in the current warring climate and no country would go to battle without a substantial inventory of these deadly accurate armaments.

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The Great Battleships
This nostalgic episode looks at the last of the great battleships. Once seen as the pride of any fleet these grand vessels have slowly become obsolete with the development of technology.

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Destroyers & Corvettes
With submarines becoming an increasing threat during the Second World War, this episode looks at the development of ways to combat them. The arrival of Destroyers and the smaller Corvette class has a dramatic impact on the way naval battles are fought.

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The Harrier Jump Jet
This episode looks closely at what is regarded as one of the most unique aircraft in the world. With incredible vertical landing capabilities, the Harrier jet has become a vital weapon at sea.

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A Bird's Eye View Of Battle
In this episode we take to the sky and look at the most successful early aircraft that paved the way for the development of some of today's most deadly eyes in the sky. We see how the aeroplane became one of the most integral weapons to the modern navy.

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Submarine Power
In this first episode we explore the vessels and crafts used in WWII, including U-Boats and other powerful submarines. We also look at ways to combat these dangerous ocean predators and join a famous submarine as it makes its last voyage home.

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