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Little Shop of Pollen / Norm's Magical Sneeze
When Norm

Watch Norman Picklestripes Season 1 Episode 23 Now

Return to Blanche's Charm School / Honey, I Shrunk the Norm
The Possums

Watch Norman Picklestripes Season 1 Episode 22 Now

Me, Myself, and Norm / Something Rottin'

Watch Norman Picklestripes Season 1 Episode 21 Now

Total Eclipse of the Moon / Telefrog
Marco the raccoon, Bixie the skunk, and Betsy the skunk have a sleepover at Norm

Watch Norman Picklestripes Season 1 Episode 20 Now

Blanche's Statue / Game Not On
Bixie the skunk sculpts an enormous statue as a gift for Blanche the bunny. But when the Possums crawl inside it, they send the statue rolling through Plywood Forest!

Watch Norman Picklestripes Season 1 Episode 19 Now

Born to Fly / The Floopsy Loopsy Dance
Bob the porcupine panics when the Baby Owls get stuck at the top of Old Maple. But not to worry: it turns out that the Baby Owls are growing up and they

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The First Earth Day
Pigeon Pete is chopping down Plywood Forest's trees to make wooden backscratchers. Norm and Betsy the skunk must convince Pete to appreciate nature and change his ways.

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False Alarm / The Pouf Pouf Hairdo
The Possums repeatedly call the Plywood Forest Emergency Brigade with nonemergencies. When the Possums do need help, the Brigade worries that they're crying wolf.

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Nanny Norm / The Treasure of Plywood Forest
Bob the porcupine asks Norm to care for the Baby Owls while he takes a personal holiday. Norm creates a baby care invention that malfunctions just in time for Bob's welcomed return.

Watch Norman Picklestripes Season 1 Episode 15 Now

Para-Norm-Al Activity / The Best Forest Ever
While on a camping trip with Norm, Marco the raccoon is certain that he's spotted aliens...or could they be Possums?

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Don't Wake Grizzo / Tree TV
Norm creates an invention to retrieve Marco's ball without waking a hibernating bear. / Marco shoots a video of Norm for Tree TV in hopes of capturing an epic demonstration of magic.

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I Spy Pie / Blanche's Charm School
Bob's pies for the pie-eating contest have disappeared. Marco plays detective until Norm helps discovers the real culprits.

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Happy Owlween / For the Love of Raisins
Fred the spider spins giant webs around the forest for Halloween./Norm's forest friends get him to try their favorite foods at the Snacktastic Taste Test.

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Robo-Flop / Jumpin' Juniper
To give Norm a break, Blanche the bunny orders a handyman robot so he can go on vacation; Juniper the frog wants to be recognized as the highest jumper in the Plywood Forest Book of Records.

Watch Norman Picklestripes Season 1 Episode 10 Now

Bob Takes a Bow / Maple Schmaple
Norm magically creates snow for Bob the porcupine's role in Blanche the bunny's new play./Blanche the bunny, unhappy with her new hair color, is not talking to Bixie the skunk.

Watch Norman Picklestripes Season 1 Episode 9 Now

Quill Attack / The Odd Couple
Bob the porcupine's hiccups cause his quills to fly everywhere! In his search for a cure, Norm tries the home remedies of everyone in Plywood Forest.

Watch Norman Picklestripes Season 1 Episode 7 Now

Party Planner Norm/Garbage Can-Do
Bob the porcupine is distraught when the Baby Owls' favorite character cancels her gig at their birthday party./Blanche the bunny's picnic is ruined by the Possums' littering.

Watch Norman Picklestripes Season 1 Episode 6 Now

Pizza Pickle / The Forest Next Door
Things go awry when Blanche the bunny hires the Possums to deliver pizza for her new business. Norm saves the day with a new invention: a nifty pizza catapult.

Watch Norman Picklestripes Season 1 Episode 4 Now

Slip Slide and Away / Go with the Glow
Norm discovers that the Possums have diverted the forest's water supply to create a water slide./Bob the porcupine calls Norm when a large ball crashes through his window.

Watch Norman Picklestripes Season 1 Episode 3 Now

Construction Destruction / Smelly Business
Norm discovers that the Possums have “borrowed” items to set up their dream play space. When they apologize, Blanche the bunny designs an awesome Possum Pad for them.

Watch Norman Picklestripes Season 1 Episode 2 Now

Mission Impossumble / Fur-Get About It
Bob the porcupine panics because the Possums' rowdy partying is keeping the Baby Owls awake. Norm teaches the Possums and all his friends how to knit and have quiet fun.

Watch Norman Picklestripes Season 1 Episode 1 Now

Norman Picklestripes is a creative, humorous, and heartwarming children’s animated television series that first aired in 2019. The magical world of the show invites viewers into a woodland immersed in whimsy and charm, where we meet the eponymous character, Norman Picklestripes. Norman is no ordinary creature. He is a unique blend of sprite, trickster, and taskmaster, who embodies the spirit of both playfulness and responsibility. As the general fixer and go-to creature for everyone in the forest, Norman is a self-proclaimed superintendent. He's endearing, mischievous, ingenious, and always ready to lend a hand. Regularly sporting a toolbelt, Norman Picklestripes can solve any problem that comes his way, whether it's woodworking or offering sage advice on various issues. But what really sets Norman Picklestripes apart is his special magic mud, which he uses in various innovative ways. With this magical mud, Norman transforms the normal into the extraordinary, often creating fabulous contraptions to assist in his problem-solving endeavors. Yet, despite the magical element, the show expertly grounds itself with real-world challenges and lessons, creating a beautiful integration of the enchanting and the educational. The series is set in Plywood Forest, a fantastical place that's home to a myriad of vibrant, diverse characters, each with their unique quirks and traits. From Bixie, the ever inquisitive squirrel who cherishes logic, to the gruff yet endearing bear named Thurgood, and the fastidious hedgehog named Puddle with a penchant for order, everyday life in this woodland is always filled with fun and adventure. One of the primary relationships in the series centers around Bixie and Norman, sharing a camaraderie that blends friendship and mentoring, forming the emotional core of the show. Norman Picklestripes is not just about entertainment. It is intelligently designed with an educational angle, subtly imparting valuable lessons about problem-solving, environmental stewardness, empathy, understanding, and teamwork to its young audience. In each episode, kids are invited to watch as the woodland residents navigate various challenges, often requiring collective brainstorming and a helping hand from Norman. Through humor and storytelling, the series underscores the importance of community, showing how the woodland creatures come together to find solutions and celebrate their wins. The presentation of the show is visually delightful with its unique claymation style. This form of animation truly shines, presenting stunning, vibrant visuals that are unlike most standard animated shows on TV. Childhood is a time of whimsy and imagination, and Norman Picklestripes perfectly boundless imagination to life with its clay creatures and their kaleidoscopic woodland. Furthermore, Norman Picklestripes successfully introduces a touch of musical storytelling as well. Every episode includes catchy, toe-tapping original songs that further the story narrative while setting the rhythm of the episode. The lyrics are often witty and thoughtful, offering young viewers another layer of meaning to digest while keeping them thoroughly engaged. In terms of format, each half-hour episode is typically divided into 11-minute segments, making it easier for its young viewership to digest the storyline and maintain engagement throughout. The pacing is neither hurried nor dragging, maintaining a comfortable rhythm that successfully balances action, problem-solving, and character development. In summary, Norman Picklestripes is a wonderfully crafted children's show that transcends age boundaries to offer a universally enjoyable and thoughtful viewing experience. Its commendable balance of education, entertainment, vibrant visuals, and heartfelt storytelling truly sets it apart. This series is a delightful romp through an enchanted forest, woven together with catchy songs, charming characters and smart storytelling. Each episode leaves you with a smile, a singable tune and maybe even a little wisdom. It's a show that not only captivates the imagination of children and stimulates their cognitive growth but also brings a refreshing sense of nostalgia and joy to adult viewers. Norman Picklestripes is truly a show for all ages.

Norman Picklestripes is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 21 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

Christian Martyn, Shayelin Martin, David Berni
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