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Spring Rush
Spring is in the air and Matt Duff is chasing hard gobbling turkeys all across the country!

Watch Major League Bowhunter Season 13 Episode 9 Now

Mississippi PT 2
Episode 2 of an action packed week of bowhunting on the Duff family farm!

Watch Major League Bowhunter Season 13 Episode 8 Now

Mississippi PT 1
Episode 1 of an action packed week of bowhunting on the Duff family farm!

Watch Major League Bowhunter Season 13 Episode 7 Now

Kansas Decoying
This week, Brandon Danker utilizes a decoy to entice a big Kansas buck to come into bow range!

Watch Major League Bowhunter Season 13 Episode 6 Now

Sweet November - MLB - 2023
It's sweet November and Chipper Jones has a coveted Iowa Deer tag!

Watch Major League Bowhunter Season 13 Episode 5 Now

Rut Madness - MLB - 2023
This week we join Brandon Danker in his home state of Oklahoma as he has the perfect rut hunt!

Watch Major League Bowhunter Season 13 Episode 4 Now

Back On the Prowl
After a missed opportunity during his first sit in Kansas of the season, Matt Duff closes in on his next target buck on the Jayhawk Farm.

Watch Major League Bowhunter Season 13 Episode 3 Now

Mr. Perfect - MLB - 2023
Chipper Jones and Tyler Jordan kick the 2022 hunting season off in Nebraska chasing a buck they have named "Mr. Perfect".

Watch Major League Bowhunter Season 13 Episode 2 Now

Captain Hook - MLB - 2023
Chipper Jones and Matt Duff have their eyes set on a world class Kansas Whitetail to kick off season 13 of Major League Bowhunter.

Watch Major League Bowhunter Season 13 Episode 1 Now

Major League Bowhunter is a thrilling and unique outdoor television show brought to you by the Sportsman Channel. This enthusiast-driven show first premiered in 2011 and offers a fresh and distinctive insight into the exhilarating world of bowhunting. The show is defined by the intriguing journey to the hunt, filled with suspense, excitement, strategy, and immense dedication, all of which lift the viewers into a realm where the pursuit of wild game through bow and arrow becomes a captivating play of skill and instinct.

The main stars of the show are former Major League Baseball players Matt Duff and Chipper Jones, along with co-host and producer, Jeff Danker. All three individuals are exceptional bowhunters in their own right, their unimpeachable sportsmen spirit shining through each episode as they chase their quarry. Their shared experiences and insights on and off the field make this outdoor reality show unique and stimulating as they traverse mesmerizing landscapes, facing challenging hunting environments.

Each episode of Major League Bowhunter features the hosts meticulously preparing for their individual hunts, ensuring their gear is prime, and their skills sharpened. The viewer gets an astonishing inside look into the strategy behind each hunt— scouting, trail-camera usage, wildlife patterns, environmental impact, and so much more. The trio takes viewers on an exciting and sometimes grueling journey that encapsulates modern bowhunting's high stakes.

What sets the show apart is the significant emphasis it places on hunt strategy and tactics. It’s not so much about the end goal, the kill, but more about the journey to that point. It's an intricate process that involves understanding the prey's habits, mastering stealth, and impeccable aim. Each host offers different approaches to their methods, blending their shared and individual experiences in hunting and sports.

A significant aspect of Major League Bowhunter is their immeasurable respect for wildlife and the nature that shelters them. Ethical hunting practices are always highlighted, and there is a constant emphasis on the importance of conservation, balancing the raw primal instinct of the hunt with a deep respect and responsibility for maintaining the seasons for generations to come.

The interactions amongst the hosts are captivating - the camaraderie they share reflects their shared background in Major League Baseball. Duff, Jones, and Danker light up the screen with their friendly banter and camaraderie, which intermixes with their immense knowledge and passion for bowhunting. Their backgrounds in professional sports prove beneficial in the hunting arena, drawing parallels between the patience, precision, and training required in both hunting and baseball.

Within every episode, viewers witness not just the thrill of the pursuit and the final kill but also the learning process throughout each hunt. They openly discuss their mistakes and failures, analyzing what they could have done differently. This honest form of presenting the actualities of hunting gives viewers a real-life depiction of the uncertainties, the trials, and the tribulations that come with bowhunting.

Field dressing and game preparation are also part of the lessons Major League Bowhunter imparts to its viewers, focusing on the full circle of the hunt. They help educate viewers on the best ways to utilize every part of the game, underscoring the concept of meaningful and respectful hunting practices.

Each episode is peppered with vital tips and tricks, technical know-how, hands-on demonstrations, and personal experiences, making it a valuable knowledge resource for both seasoned hunters and beginners alike. The diverse settings of their expeditions - from North America’s dense forests to its vast and untamed wildernesses means that the hosts target a wide array of game species.

Furthermore, the high-quality cinematography captures not just the thrill of the chase but also the mesmerizing landscapes, offering viewers stunning scenery that further emphasizes the beauty of the great outdoors.

Major League Bowhunter is a dash of sport, a giant leap of adventure, mixed with respect and love for nature. It’s a show that must be on the bucket list of every hunting enthusiast for its immersive, alimentative, inspiring, and thrilling outdoor reality experience.

Major League Bowhunter is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 13 seasons with a total of 145 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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