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If The Kizna System Spread Throughout The World
Katsuhira catches up to Sonozaki in order to try to stop her from trying to connect everyone to the Kizna System.

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We Have To Contact Each Other And Confirm Our Feelings. Because We're Friends!
Katsuhira finds out what happened to the friends from his childhood and Sonozaki is intent on making the Kizna Experiment successful no matter what.

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You Knew Very Well That Your Romantic Feelings Might Be Unrequited, Right?
The Kiznaivers all go their own ways. Meanwhile, Katsuhira finds out the truth about the Kizna Experiment and about Sonozaki's past.

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It's All Over... I Think
The Kiznaivers start to hear each others thoughts, which makes things even more complicated. Meanwhile, a secret about Sonozaki and Katsuhira is revealed.

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Happy Times Don't Tend to Last Very Long
The Kiznaivers get stuck in a building during a typhoon and some hidden feelings start to come to light.

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A Battle Touching Upon the Identity of the Pain that's Seven Times the Pain of One-Seventh of a Pain
The Kiznaivers find out the truth about Maki's past, and try to help her overcome it.

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Nothing Good Comes from Being Around All of You
Something from Honoka's past comes back to haunt her, and Nico makes another attempt at becoming her friend.

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Wahoo, It's a Training Camp! Let's Step in Deer Poop and Have Pillow Fights! Go, Go!
The Kiznaivers get to their training camp and are faced with the summer favorite, the test of bravery. Meanwhile, Chidori runs off on her own and the others realize that they might be connected by other means than just their pain.

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Now That We're All Connected, Let's All Get to Know Each Other Better, 'Kay?
The kids get to know Hisomu and Sonozaki promises to let them know a secret about Kiznaivers if they agree to go to a summer training camp.

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Depending on How You Look At It, I Think We Could Get Through Anything... Right?
The kids find out that there's actually one other Kiznaiver, and they go to find this mysterious figure.

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If You Can Swallow a Bizarre Situation Like This So Easily, Two Buckets of Barium Shouldn't Be a Problem
The kids are forced into doing self introductions... However, it appears that the self introductions that Sonozaki wants them to do requires much more than the usual name and what class they're in.

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Sometimes, a Bond Can Bloom from the First Day Eye Contact Is Made
Agata Katsuhira is a strange young man who doesn't feel pain. One day, he encounters a mysterious young woman named Sonozaki Noriko, who changes his life, as well as the lives of his classmates forever.

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Made by the minds at Trigger studio and first aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System in 2016, Kiznaiver is a fascinatingly innovative, visually striking, and emotionally resonant anime series that explores deep philosophical and psychological themes while incorporating sci-fi, drama, and a sprinkle of romance.

Kiznaiver explores an experimental premise: what if pain could be shared equally among a group of people? Set in Sugomori City - a city built on reclaimed land that has seen better days - it tells the tale of seven high school students who become unwitting participants in an audacious social experiment known as the "Kizna System."

The series protagonist, Katsuhira Agata, is a seemingly emotionless boy with a curiously high threshold for pain. Katsuhira doesn't understand the pain that he feels until the day he meets the mysterious Noriko Sonozaki, who introduces him to the Kizna System. This system makes him a "Kiznaiver," forcing him to share all his pain, physical and emotional, with six other individuals who all carry their own unique emotional burdens. The Kiznaivers include an eclectic group consisting of a cynical loner, a cheerful yet two-faced peacemaker, a domineering honor student, a brash jock, an eccentric classic otaku, and a seemingly carefree womanizer.

The Kizna System, an invention born out of a desire for world peace, seeks to make shared pain the route to shared understanding and empathy. As these seven Kiznaivers carry on their lives, the pain they share helps them to better understand each other. The series ingeniously uses this premise as a way of exploring deeper human connections, collective empathy, and the real meaning of friendship.

However, sharing the depth of one's emotional and physical pain is no easy task, and the series does not shy away from portraying its inherent difficulties, drawbacks, and miscommunications. As the series progresses, these connections and mutual understandings are often challenged by the Kiznaiver's individual circumstances, leading to personal development and growth that’s captivating to track.

Supplementing the show's thought-provoking narrative is its bold, vibrant art style. With striking color contrasts, dynamic character designs, and high-quality animation brought to life by Trigger studio, the visuals of Kiznaiver are just as fascinating as its premise. Each character is crafted carefully with unique aesthetics that reflect their deep individuality, and the show consistently presents visually impressive scenes that can range from terse dramatic moments to explosive action sequences.

Character relationships are undoubtedly the heartbeat of Kiznaiver. The progression of the relationships is not only compelling in character development but also in generating a wide range of raw and authentic human emotions, adding to the anime's emotional depth. The parents of each Kiznaiver vary in their abilities to cope with their children's condition, and their struggles provide additional layers to the narrative.

Music is another strong point of Kiznaiver. From its extremely catchy opening theme to the highly evocative background tracks, the anime delivers a top-notch auditory experience that astral projects emotional stakes of every scene.

Moreover, the series does not completely alienate viewers who are looking for some light-heartedness and romance in the midst of the profound thematic concerns. There are plenty of humorous moments interspersed throughout the series, well integrated into the storyline so as not to break the narrative flow. There is also a dynamic and evolving romantic subplot that adds another layer of complexity and emotional intensity.

Furthermore, the series' exploration of the varied and complex terrain of human emotion is vivid and genuine, driving home its themes beautifully and in a way that leaves an enduring impression. It raises intriguing questions about empathy, connection, friendship, and identity in a modern world increasingly marked by isolation and individualism. This makes Kiznaiver a truly thought-provoking watch, one that does not shy away from exploring darker, less charted areas of the human psyche.

In summary, Kiznaiver is a unique blend of pacing and introspection that challenges viewers' understanding of pain, empathy, and human connection. With its unusual premise, beautiful visuals, compelling narrative, and heart-stirring character dynamics, it stands out as a distinctly memorable anime that effortlessly combines elements of drama with speculative fiction, while providing emotional depth and complexity.

KIZNAIVER is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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How can I watch KIZNAIVER online? KIZNAIVER is available on Tokyo Broadcasting System with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch KIZNAIVER on demand at Amazon Prime, Max, Amazon online.

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