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Is It Wrong to Want a Man with Ambition?
Can a blindfolded kiss open your eyes to dating outside of your "type"? Discerning but single Aubrey wants a man whose ambition matches her own.

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The Old Fashioned Girl with the Many Tattoos
Can a blindfolded kiss ignite the spark of a powerful love connection? Contrary to what her tattooed rocker chick look implies, Gabrielle is an old fashioned girl ready to settle down and start a family.

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Players Need Not Apply
Can a blindfolded kiss expose the heart to love? Tired of commitment-phobic players, Renae has an old soul and is searching for a relationship she can count on.

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The Kiss of the Dragon
Removing the distraction of physical appearance, can a blindfolded first kiss open the door to deeper compatibility? With a penchant for redheads, Tae Kwon Do champion David says he's ready to broaden his dating horizons.

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Episode 6
Fun, creative nurse Liz, 25, is hoping she’ll find a romantic connection. She knows what she’s looking for in a man.

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Episode 5
Sporty Chris, 24, has had his heartbroken a couple of times, but he’s not given up on love. He’s hoping he can find The One amongst 12 blindfolded kisses.

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Text Me Back!
Can the chemistry of a blindfolded kiss open a heart to true love? Midwestern girl Mary is done with being burned by bad boys and wants to find a guy who shares her traditional values.

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The Sparkle in the Eyes
Can the chemistry of a blindfolded first kiss lead to love? Without being influenced by appearance, 28-year-old songwriter Cortni will kiss ten eligible guys blindfolded to choose two to share intimate 24 hour dates with.

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Save Me Zack!
Can the chemistry of a blindfolded kiss determine the potential for a long lasting love? EMT Zach is ready to set pulses racing as he looks to get serious.

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A Second Chance at a First Impression?
Is choosing a partner based on the chemistry of a blindfolded first kiss a better way to find true love? Without first judging on appearance, 25-year-old Dani is about to find out.

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Love Unlocked: The Sparkle in the Eyes
Summary not available

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Kiss Bang Love is a captivating reality dating game show that originally debuted on FYI network in 2017. This intriguing series embarks on a unique journey of chemistry, aiming to explore whether it's possible to find love through a simple, much-hyped, yet often overwhelming first kiss. The show dutifully follows a tried-and-true formula of reality TV, but with an amusingly innovative twist: competitors must first kiss before they see one another.

The show begins with a single man or woman who is searching for love. The main contender is introduced to several different blindfolded potential partners, without any communication or knowing anything about them. The only information imparted is through a kiss. Yes, a kiss; that intense, intimate first contact that can communicate so much about compatibility, chemistry, and potential attraction. The candidates are lining up, blindfolded and waiting for a stranger to lock lips with them, all in the name of love. They're left to rely solely on their senses and primal instincts, crafting a truly intriguing dynamic that openly explores the nuances of physical chemistry.

After the initial round of kisses, the primary participant then selects a handful of potential lovers who have made the most significant impression on them. These contenders are chosen based on the spark experienced during the kiss, highlighting the powerful role that physical attraction and chemistry can play in the early stages of a relationship.

These selected individuals then have their blindfolds removed, and for the first time, the main contestant gets to see their potential lovers. This is a pivotal turning point in the show as it adds the much-needed depth beyond physical chemistry. The couples embark on two-minute rapid-fire speed dates to engage in a verbal exchange. Conversations range from lighthearted chit-chat to deeper dialogues about life and love aspirations, helping the participants to understand each other on a more profound level.

After the speed dates, the contestant needs to further narrow down their choices. The selected few then have the opportunity to spend 24 hours with the main participant, allowing them a chance to form deeper emotional connections. This round offers the participants the chance to form a bond that moves beyond the physical and examines compatibility at a deeper, emotional level.

At the end of the 24-hour period, the contestants must make a crucial decision. They must decide with whom they share the most powerful connection based on their physical and emotional experiences. This last twist is often wrought with tension and emotion as the remaining contestants lay their hearts on the line for a chance at love.

Kiss Bang Love is filled with romantic suspense, high emotional stakes, and the unending unpredictability of love, creating a gripping and entertaining reality TV show. Audiences on the edge of their seats, captivated by the undeniable tension and romantic potential that hangs in the balance with every kiss.

This strikingly novel approach to a dating show draws in viewers, keeping them hooked on the unfolding romantic narratives. This show is more than a simple dating program; it's an examination of chemistry, attraction, and heartfelt emotion beneath the surface. This invigorating mix of romance, uncertainty, and exhilaration has made Kiss Bang Love a must-watch for reality-TV fans and hopeless romantics alike.

The show's unique format, coupled with the modern dating scene's unpredictability, powers a sense of authenticity and intense engagement that truly sets it apart. It challenges traditional norms, inviting readers to ponder essential questions about love, attraction, and the universal quest to find a perfect partner. Beyond the entertaining surface, the show offers deep, resonant themes about human connection – making it as thought-provoking as it is engrossing. Whether you're intrigued by the psychology of physical chemistry or simply enjoy a dramatic and unexpected love story, you won't want to miss a moment of Kiss Bang Love's romantic rollercoaster ride.

In the world of reality shows where drama and controversy often propel the narratives, Kiss Bang Love offers a refreshing contrast. It combines the excitement of a classic dating game show with the age-old mystery of physical chemistry, all wrapped up in a modern-day love journey format. This balance captures the essence of the desperate quest for real love in an enchanting, addictive package. It’s a raw, emotional, and utterly compelling exploration of love, attraction, and the fascinating realm of human relationships.

Kiss Bang Love is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 11 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.8.

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