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Battle of Britain
To Adolf Hitler in 1940, Britain was no more than an irritant on his periphery to his rapidly expanding Third Reich. He was correct in his assumption that Britain had been almost fatally weakened by the fight of Dunkirk.

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The U-Boat War
Twenty years after Kaiser Wilhem's exile in 1919, the German navy, Kriegsmarine, had once again grown into a powerful weapon, nurtured this time by Hitler's Third Reich. By 1939, Germany was eager and ready to wipe out the stain in her naval history.

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The Fall of France
When Hitler claimed restitution of Sudetenland, France and Britain abandoned their ally. Ignoring offers to help defend the Czechs, French leaders met with Hitler in Munich in Sep.

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The Battle For Berlin
The mantle of invisibility surrounding German forces had slipped an fallen since Stalingrad and panzer units suffering heavy loses. A revitalized red army began to payback hitler in a brutal attack as the last months of ww2 passed.

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Normandy to the Rhine
In November 1943 at the Tehran Conference, Churchill agreed to an offensive that would once again bring his British forces to full scale combat with the Nazis. Allied Supreme Commander Dwight D.

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Decisive Battles of Hitler's War: The War in Italy
In an initial failed attempt to become a partner the equal of Germany in the Axis Alliance, Mussolini ordered his troops towards the British positions in Egypt in September 1940. Mussolini, feeling secure in the shadow of Hitler's apparent invincibility, never dreamt that the War between Britain and Italy would culminate in his own death less than 5 years later.

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Decisive Battles of Hitler's War: Battle for Stalingrad
Russia in the late summer of '42 was poised on the edge of an abyss. German troops had swept across the Russian step in an unstoppable wave of weaponry and soldiers.

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Decisive Battles of Hitler's War is a powerful, immersive and edifying series that aired in 2014. This historical docuseries takes its audience back to the heart of World War II, focusing on the crucial battles that fundamentally shaped the course and outcome of this global conflict. The series endeavors to provide an unbiased understanding of the strategic decisions and tactical moves that occurred in the tumultuous era of Hitler's War. The series, consisting of in-depth episodes, elucidates major confrontations of the war. It does not just present a linear recitation of events, but delves deep into the intricacies of military strategies, socioeconomic conditions, and subsequent ramifications. Decisive Battles of Hitler's War takes a detailed approach, visually recreating significant war episodes with care and precision. It covers diverse fronts of World War II, scrutinizing the stunning victories and glaring defeats of Axis and Allies alike. Battles addressed in the series are across varied terrains, from the colossal Operation Barbarossa on the Eastern Front, the significant aerial Battle of Britain, up to the dramatic showdown in Berlin, conducting a profound exploration into each campaign and its implications. The series breaks down the multiple layers of each battle, examining who had the upper hand at the start, how tactics changed mid-battle, and which strategic decisions turned the tide. As viewers, we are drawn into the depths of the decision-making process, highlighting the impact of each move on the larger theatre of war. This series stands out because of its expert commentary and inclusion of extensive interviews with historians, scholars, and war veterans. These lived experiences give firsthand accounts of the encounters and make the history tangible. These perspectives compactly consolidate the massive historical information and convert them into manageable, illustrative, and analytical narratives. The documentary is informed by a vast array of sources, including authentic archival footage, digital graphics, textual references, and testimonies from the period of the war. These vivid and compelling sources collectively construct a comprehensive picture of the battles and the climate in which they were fought. By adopting a close-up lens on the battles and then panning out to consider the broader historical landscape, the series invites viewers to step back in time and relive these moments of intense conflict and palpable tension. Where Decisive Battles of Hitler's War truly shines is in its sound and clever use of re-enactments and animations. With an international crew on board, the documentary presents high-quality recreations of war events that heighten the series’ visual impact, supplementing the in-depth narratives with compelling and detailed visuals. The series illustrates the immense scale of World War II, emphasizing the effects of the conflict on both military and civilian populations in the regions involved. The glaring objectivity of the show separates it from other typical war series. There is no glorification of war or bias toward any side. Instead, it proposes a critical analysis of the strategic decisions made by each side and how these choices affected the final outcome of the conflict. It inspects how different military technologies, ideologies, and alliances contributed to the war's escalation and its eventual conclusion. The soundtrack of the series further heightens the overall experience, providing an emotional backdrop to the narration. The suspenseful scores accompany each battle's description, increasing the tension and contributing to a sense of prevailing uncertainty, which echoes the reality of wartime conditions. Decisive Battles of Hitler's War is more than just a military history program. It is a profound exploration of the human condition during a time of intense global conflict. It carefully dissects the roots and repercussions of some of the most critical military offensives and showdowns in human history. Despite the factual nature of the series, it remains balanced, sensitive, insightful, and prudent in its commentary and appraisal of war events. Whether a history enthusiast, a scholar, or a casual viewer, the series educates and informs, offering a cinematic yet historically accurate journey through the pivotal battles of the Second World War. The series is an intense rollercoaster ride through history, immersing the audience in what it was truly like, illuminating the multifaceted aspects of war, the profound human cost, and the innumerable lessons learned.

Decisive Battles of Hitler's War is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 7 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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