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Borrowed Time
Allegiances are tested when Jarli takes action in the city; Waruu possesses the one thing that can kill Koen.

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Koen targets Waruu's power base and confronts him, demanding he close the Inclusion Clinic; Waruu is unintimidated as he believes he has a very special weapon; Slade has Waruu's hair DNA tested and is stunned by the results.

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Koen confronts Aunty with the truth about his parents' death, and must forgive the unforgivable. Meanwhile, Marion begins to suspect what is happening to Waruu, and the clan decides what to do with Charlotte and her unborn Hairy child.

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Dark Clouds
Koen grows in power and understanding as he spends time with Uncle Jimmy. Meanwhile, Waruu discovers a dangerous new creature and is led by an old story to a substance he believes can vanquish the Cleverman.

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Waruu takes a position in government for the Inclusion Initiative, while Koen vows to do all he can to help the Hairy people.

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On the heels of a successful first season, which earned a prestigious Peabody Award nomination, the six-episode second season picks up with the destruction of the Zone and the Hairypeople hiding out of fear for their lives. Koen, the chosen Cleverman, sets out to harness his powers in the hope of bringing all cultures together.

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Cleverman is a groundbreaking Australian television drama, produced by Goalpost Pictures and Pukeko Pictures for the SundanceTV from 2016-2017. The innovative series blends the mythological with the brutally real into a gripping narrative that explores Indigenous culture, power and control, and the effects of sociopolitical unrest. Set in a dystopian near-future, the show's narrative seamlessly integrates elements of supernatural folklore based on Aboriginal Stories of "the Dreaming." The Cleverman is a cultural figure in many Aboriginal Australian communities, a conduit between the Dreaming and the real world, responsible for maintaining societal harmony and order. The series centers around two indigenous Australian half-brothers, Koen and Waruu West. The pair shares a volatile relationship and find themselves pitted against each other when Koen, the estranged younger brother, is chosen to be the Cleverman - a figure of great significance and responsibility. Koen, initially reluctant, is forced to face his fears and inherent potential to help his people. This dystopian series also depicts a distinct breed of mythical creatures known as 'Hairypeople,' derived from Aboriginal folklore. These hairy hominids, superior to humans in strength and longevity, find their lives in peril as they face discrimination and cruel containment measures by the callous Government. The series provides a unique commentary on the status and treatment of the marginalized population by using "Hairypeople" as allegorical figures for the disenfranchised and the ostracized. Cleverman also boasts a diverse and rich array of characters. The series features an ensemble cast including talented actors like Hunter Page-Lochard as Koen West, Rob Collins as Waruu West, Deborah Mailman as Aunty Linda, and Iain Glen of 'Game of Thrones' fame as Jarrod Slade, a billionaire businessman with a hidden agenda. The performances of the cast members are consistently gripping and add depth and nuance to the world of 'Cleverman'. War, struggle, power, and resilience underpin the narrative. The series constructs a shockingly parallel universe that mirrors the contemporary issues of racism, immigration, asylum, detention, and discrimination faced by Indigenous populations. But there’s hope sensitively interwoven through this bleak portrayal, arising from the unyielding resilience of the indigenous communities and the promise of a Cleverman who must rise above his imperfections and lead his people. Another crucial aspect of the series is its commitment to engaging with the Indigenous histories, lore, and story-telling traditions. With a majority of its cast and crew from the indigenous community, Cleverman solidifies a genuine representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent both on-screen and off-screen. Its genius lies not only in portraying but also conserving and embracing First Nations cultures and stories in an International narrative. The directorial style and the cinematography of the series stand out in their innovation as well, instilling a strong atmospheric sense of suspense. The visually striking series blends dark undertones with bursts of vibrant color reminiscent of Aboriginal art, creating a vivid visual aesthetic. The CGI, makeup, and special effects work done for the 'Hairypeople' characters show a high level of attention to detail, adding realism to these mythical beings. In terms of sound design, the series consistently sets an intense tone, with the suspenseful score and the careful use of silence adding to the drama. Aboriginal music forms an integral part of the sound design, reinforcing the cultural roots of the series. Though Cleverman projects a dystopian future and uses supernatural elements, at its core, it is an exploration of societal dynamics, prejudice, and human nature. It offers a potent allegorical saga not only about the struggle of Indigenous Australian populations but about any group that finds itself on the fringes, underscored with a universal relevance seen through an Indigenous lens. In conclusion, Cleverman is an unconventional and powerful series which is an essential watch for anyone interested in meaningful narratives, exploring unique mythology, and socio-political themes. This series made its mark not just as popular entertainment but as an important cultural artifact, holding up a mirror to the world and encouraging conversations about historically oppressed communities and their narratives.

Cleverman is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.4.

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