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Write and Wrong is a 2007 comedy-drama telefilm directed by Graeme Clifford, which features a cast of talented actors such as Kirstie Alley (nominated for an Emmy award), Eric Christian Olsen, and Stacy Grant. The film shines a light on the fierce competitiveness and ageist attitudes in the Hollywood entertainment industry, while using humor to drive the plot forward and to keep audiences hooked.

Kirstie Alley's performance at the heart of the film is commendably dynamic as she takes on the role of Byrdie Langdon, a once successful Hollywood screenwriter. The story resonates with every aspiring writer who has struggled to keep up with the constantly changing trends of Hollywood. Byrdie’s dilemma is not just limited to satisfying the whims and caprices of the industry, but also maneuvering around the often spoken, seldom confronted issue of ageism in Hollywood.

The narrative kicks off when Byrdie's screenwriting career goes into a sudden slump. As she approaches her middle age, her screenplays no longer hold the appeal they used to. In a world where youth is often associated with creativity and vigor, Byrdie discovers that ageing is considered a drawback. Dejected by the industry’s bias and her agent’s abandonment, Byrdie must then come up with a game plan.

Enter Jason 'Krueger' Langdon, played by Eric Christian Olsen. Krueger is an aspiring actor and Byrdie's nephew. He's young, handsome, and audacious—traits that Byrdie capitalizes on when she convinces him to be the face of her screenplays. The plan is simple: Krueger will pretend to be the author of Byrdie's scripts, and once the deal is signed, they split the profits 50-50. Krueger agrees to the plan, and as the buzz about the "hot young screenwriter" starts making rounds in the industry, the irony of an older woman writing young people's dialogues isn't lost on the audience.

While Krueger gains momentum as a successful writer, Byrdie's struggle isn't over. She finds herself battling mixed feelings, dealing with the deception at hand, watching someone else take credit for her work, and the growing bond and potential romantic development between her nephew and her new agent, played by Stacy Grant. Stacy's character is introduced later in the movie, bringing in a new set of challenges for Byrdie. As Byrdie’s anonymous scripts garners acclaim, it becomes even more difficult for her to claim what is rightfully hers.

Write and Wrong is a comedic yet heartwarming take that explores modern issues surrounding ageism, sexism, and the pursuit of success in an ever-changing industry. The film serves as a commentary on the entertainment industry’s fixation on youth and image, often dismissing the wealth of talent and experience that age can bring.

This film plays as a welcome reminder that not all parts of life and individuality diminish with age, but rather, some aspects simply evolve and mature, yielding refined creativity and verve that should be celebrated rather than shunned. It uses comedy and drama in equal measures to critique harsh realities, tell a moving story and provide some serious food for thought about the often glossed-over issues in Hollywood. Write and Wrong takes audiences on a journey filled with humor and heart, stinging societal observations, challenging stereotypes, and most importantly, the unwavering tenacity of the human spirit when faced with adversity.

Write and Wrong is a compelling ode to every individual who's faced prejudice due to the parameters set by society. It's a reminder that everyone, no matter their age or background, has a story worth telling. And some stories, much like fine wine, only get better with time.

Write and Wrong is a Drama, Comedy, TV Movie movie released in 2007. It has a runtime of 89 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.5..

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