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Wildlike is a 2014 independent movie directed by Frank Hall Green, which stars Ella Purnell, Brian Geraghty and Diane Farr. It is a unique coming-of-age drama that follows a teenage girl from Anchorage who is sent to live with her estranged uncle in Juneau, Alaska, after her mother enters rehab. The movie explores themes such as trauma, friendship, vulnerability, and the effects of trauma on a young person's life.

The film opens with the character of Mackenzie played by Ella Purnell, who is deeply traumatized after having been sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend. She is sent to live with her uncle, played by Brian Geraghty, in Juneau because her mother has checked herself into rehab. Mackenzie's uncle doesn't exactly know how to handle the situation, as he is uncomfortable with his niece's presence and the burden that comes with it. However, as the movie progresses, a friendship develops between the two, and they find common ground in their love for the wilderness.

Mackenzie decides to go on a hiking trip on her own, deep into the Alaskan wilderness. Here, she meets Rene, played by Bruce Greenwood, whose character is a gruff and somewhat menacing survivalist who lives in the wild. Despite her initial hesitance, Mackenzie enters into a friendship with Rene, who teaches her survival skills and the beauty of the natural world. These lessons prove to be invaluable as Mackenzie makes her way back to civilization, encountering obstacles along the way.

The acting in Wildlike is superb, with Ella Purnell delivering a standout performance as Mackenzie. Her journey from a traumatized young girl to a confident and independent young woman is both poignant and believable. Geraghty's portrayal of Mackenzie's uncle is appropriately nuanced, with both his resentfulness and eventual love for his niece captured perfectly. Greenwood's character of Rene is an enigmatic and powerful presence in the wilderness, with his gruff exterior contrasting with his tender interactions with Mackenzie.

The cinematography of Wildlike is stunning, with wide-angle shots of the Alaskan wilderness that capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the region. The film also has a haunting score, which effectively heightens the emotional impact of certain scenes. The editing of the movie is well-done too, which helps to propel Mackenzie's story forward, from her escape from her mother's abusive boyfriend to her eventual journey to recovery.

Wildlike is a movie that depicts the emotional turmoil and trauma experienced by young people who are victims of sexual abuse. It is a compelling and emotional story that will resonate with anyone who has experienced such trauma or knows someone who has. The movie also raises awareness about sexual abuse and highlights the ways in which young people can heal and find hope amidst their struggles.

To sum up, Wildlike is a poignant coming-of-age drama with a compelling narrative that showcases the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness. The acting, cinematography, score, and editing all work together seamlessly to deliver a powerful and emotional story. It is a tribute to the strength and resilience of young people who overcome the emotional turmoil of trauma, and it is a movie that deserves to be watched by anyone who values powerful storytelling.

Wildlike is a Adventure, Drama, Thriller movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 104 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 74.

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