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From Universal Studios comes a movie about the girl-eat-girl world of boarding school called Wild Child. Wild Child is an American, British and French teen comedy, romance and drama movie that was directed by Nick Moore and produced by Diane Philips, Eric Feller and Tim Beuan. This movie stars several teenage actresses including Emma Roberts, Aidan Quinn, Shirley Henders, Alex Pettyfer, Natasha Richardson and Linsey Cocker. This movie was written by Lucy Dali. The movie lasts for 98 minutes, during which the viewers are shown crazy pranks, girl drama and what a girl is willing to do for love. The setting of this film starts out in a large house in Malibu, California, but throughout the majority of the film the setting is in a large boarding school in England. This boarding school is located in an area that is far away from London, but sometimes the students are allowed to go into the city. The movie, Wild Child, is about a stuck up teenager called Poppy Moore who is always getting herself into all kinds of trouble. One day, as a way to get back at her father, Poppy gets her father’s girlfriend’s clothing and throws them off a large cliff, where they land into the ocean, ruined forever. Her father became very angry, and he decided enough was enough and sent poppy to a drab and dull boarding school in England as a way of punishment. The school is called Abby Mount Boarding School, and upon her arrival, Poppy meets Mrs. Kingsley, the headmistress, and the head girl Harriet Bentley. Right of the bat, Poppy really hates her new life at her new school, and she desperately wishes that she could go back to California and to her best friend, Ruby. And to add fuel to the fire, Harriet has her sights set on destroying her, causing the ultimate battle of the popular girls. But soon, Poppy starts to warm up to her new life in boarding school and she starts to become closer with her roommates. Still homesick, Poppy decides that the only way to get back home is to get herself expelled from Abby Mount. Poppy begins to sabotage her self, and one day she tries to seduce the headmistress’s son, Freddie. Throughout the film, Poppy begins to like her new life, and she falls deeply in love with Freddie. This movie is rated as a PG 13 film

Wild Child is a Comedy, Drama, Romance movie released in 2009. It has a runtime of 98 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1..

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Nick Moore
Emma Roberts, Alex Pettyfer, Kimberley Nixon, Juno Temple, Linzey Cocker, Sophie Wu, Georgia King, Natasha Richardson
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