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Who'll Stop the Rain is a 1978 American action drama film directed by Karel Reisz. The film stars award-winning actors Nick Nolte, Tuesday Weld, and Michael Moriarty, who deliver riveting performances that deeply engage the audience. The movie was adapted from Robert Stone's National Book Award-winning novel, "Dog Soldiers."

Nick Nolte stars as Ray Hicks, a rugged drifter and Vietnam veteran with a hardened but compassionate soul. Close to the characterization of an anti-hero, Hicks is complicated, intense, and utterly unshakeable - an unparalleled persona in the face of danger. It is Nolte's portrayal of Hicks that truly immortalizes his character and brings an incredible depth to the narrative.

Michael Moriarty gives an exceptional performance as John Converse, a mild-mannered war correspondent who has witnessed more than his fair share of horrors in Vietnam. His character embodies the conflict and trauma that Vietnam veterans experienced, providing a stark contrast to Nolte's Hicks and establishing a dynamic, multi-layered storyline.

Tuesday Weld plays Marge Converse, wife of John, who becomes ensnared in the turmoil as her loyalty and resilience are tested beyond measure. Weld's performance is subtle yet powerful, creating a memorable and empathetic character who makes even the harshest of realities feel deeply human.

Set against the backdrop of the war-torn 1970s, the movie navigates through the harsh realities of Vietnam War, drug smuggling, and the tumultuous social climate of the time. The emotional complexity of the movie revolves around a drug deal gone wrong, and how this disruption slowly unravels the characters' lives, testing their morality and pushing their limits of endurance.

In addition to the compelling narrative, Who'll Stop the Rain offers a well-crafted visual experience. The cinematography flaunts the harsh grittiness of war-torn and corruption-rife landscapes while also capturing the raw beauty of rural America. The camera work and misé-en-scene subtly but effectively supplement the tensions and emotional undercurrents of the narrative.

Karel Reisz's direction is masterful. He instills a raw intensity to the film, intermixing moments of profound introspection with high-stake action sequences. His framing of the characters in their element, the way he builds the tension, and his capacity to capture the socio-political ambiance of these turbulent times are praiseworthy.

The film's soundtrack enhances the ambiance and mood, utilizing perfectly fitting tracks from Creedence Clearwater Revival. The use of music isn't overstated; it’s subtly infused within the narrative to become an indispensable part of the storytelling process.

Who'll Stop the Rain leaves its audience with substantial social commentary to ponder upon. It powerfully touches upon themes of loyalty, friendship, corruption, addiction, and the transformative effects of war. As a testament to its anti-war theme, the film doesn't shy away from portraying the harsh aftermaths and the heavy toll it takes on the lives of those involved.

In conclusion, Who'll Stop The Rain seamlessly combines powerful performances, explosive action, and profound storytelling into a compelling depiction of a turbulent era. With its raw depiction of its characters and the situations they navigate through, the film became a classic staple of 1970s cinema. The film's portrayal of its characters is deep and human, not shying away from showing their flaws and weaknesses along with their strengths. As a result, it stands as a timeless reminder of the complicated realities of war and its harrowing effects on individuals and society alike.

For fans of meaningful, intense, and thought-provoking cinema, viewing Who'll Stop the Rain is a necessity. It is a film that deeply resonates, leaving lingering thoughts and emotions that mark its significant place in the realm of classic cinematic accomplishments. It's a journey into the darker facets of human nature and a testament to the resilient human spirit in the face of chaos and adversity.

Who'll Stop the Rain is a Crime, Action, Drama movie released in 1978. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 73.

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