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We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story is a heartwarming animated film from 1993, directed by Phil Nibbelink and Simon Wells. The movie is based on a children’s book written by Hudson Talbott.

The story begins with an introduction to four dinosaurs - Rex, a tyrannosaurus, Elsa, a triceratops, Woog, a stegosaurus, and Dweeb, a duck-billed dinosaur. These dinosaurs find themselves transported to modern-day New York City thanks to a friendly alien named Vorb.

Once they arrive, they meet two children named Louie and Cecilia. The kids soon discover that the dinosaurs have been transformed into intelligent creatures that can speak and think like humans thanks to Vorb's magical cereal. The transformation has also given the dinosaurs a desire to help others, and they all want to be a part of a grand parade through the city that will make them famous.

However, not everyone is happy about the presence of the dinosaurs. Professor Screweyes, a sinister carnival owner, wants to use the dinosaurs for his own twisted purposes. He creates a dark carnival with a hypnotic spinning wheel that convinces children to give up their fears and turn them into nightmares.

The film highlights the importance of facing one's fears, working together as a team, and the power of imagination. The playful banter between the various dinosaurs brings a sense of lightheartedness and comedy to the film, and the relationship that forms between the dinosaurs and the children is endearing.

John Goodman provides a strong vocal performance as Rex, the lead dinosaur of the group. Charles Fleischer voices Dweeb, and Blaze Berdahl voices Cecilia. Other notable voice actors include Martin Short as Screweyes and Walter Cronkite as himself, who narrates the story.

The animation style of the movie is reminiscent of other animated films from the 1990s, with brightly colored characters and an emphasis on movement and humor. The film's score by James Horner is also notable and helps to elevate the emotion of the story.

Overall, We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story is a great family film that teaches important lessons while also entertaining its audience. The film is accessible to both children and adults, and the characters are sure to charm viewers of all ages. Despite being released almost 30 years ago, the themes of the film still resonate today, making it a timeless classic that is sure to be enjoyed for generations to come.

We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story is a Animation, Science Fiction, Kids & Family movie released in 1993. It has a runtime of 70 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0..

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Dick Zondag, Ralph Zondag, Phil Nibbelink, Simon Wells
John Goodman, Blaze Berdahl, Rhea Perlman, Jay Leno, Ren Le Vant, Felicity Kendal, Charles Fleischer, Walter Cronkite, Joey Shea, Julia Child, Kenneth Mars, Yeardley Smith, Martin Short
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