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War Wolves is a 2009 action-packed horror movie with a unique twist that sets it apart from other films in its genre. It revolves around a group of American soldiers who have been turned into werewolves and are sent on a mission to stop a terrorist organization from launching a deadly virus on U.S. soil. The film stars veteran actors John Saxon, Tim Thomerson, and Michael Worth. John Saxon plays the role of Noah, an experienced army leader who commands a group of highly skilled soldiers. Tim Thomerson portrays General Monning, who oversees the secret program that transforms soldiers into werewolves. Michael Worth plays Jake Gabriel, a soldier who is unwittingly turned into a werewolf and must grapple with his newfound powers and dark impulses. The movie begins with a covert operation in Afghanistan, where the army is trying to capture a terrorist leader who has acquired a deadly virus that can wipe out entire populations. The special forces unit, led by Noah, succeeds in neutralizing the threat but not without sustaining heavy losses. Among the casualties is Jake, who is pronounced dead by medics but is secretly brought back to life by Monning's team of scientists. Soon after, Jake awakens to find himself transformed into a werewolf and is shocked and confused by his new form. Monning tries to explain the experiment to Jake, assuring him that he is not alone and that there are others like him, who have been turned into werewolves to fight a new kind of war. Noah's team is tasked with tracking down the terrorists who have fled to America with the virus in hand. However, the mission becomes more complicated as Jake and the other werewolves begin to grapple with their newfound powers and the dark impulses that come with them. As the team gets closer to stopping the terrorists, they are also hunted by a pack of rogue werewolves who seek to take over and rule the new world order. The film is a combination of military action and horror, with plenty of werewolf transformations and gore to satisfy fans of both genres. The special effects are impressive, and the cinematography is slick, allowing the viewer to enter into the film's world convincingly. The soundtrack also adds to the atmosphere, complementing the intense action and suspenseful moments. What sets War Wolves apart from other werewolf movies is the focus on the military aspect of the story. The werewolves are not just mindless killing machines but soldiers with a mission to protect their country. The movie explores the human side of the werewolf identity, as Jake struggles to keep his humanity intact while navigating his new abilities. The acting is solid, with John Saxon delivering a standout performance as the tough-as-nails leader who must lead his team of werewolves to victory. Tim Thomerson adds a touch of humor as the eccentric scientist who created the werewolf program. Michael Worth plays the role of Jake well, portraying the internal conflict and emotional depth required of his character. In conclusion, War Wolves is an entertaining werewolf film that combines military action with horror. It offers a unique take on the werewolf genre and has a decent storyline that doesn't disappoint. The special effects, cinematography, and soundtrack all add to the film's appeal, and the acting performances are commendable. It's not a perfect movie, but it's a fun and engaging ride that is worth checking out.

War Wolves is a Horror movie released in 2009. It has a runtime of 100. Critics and viewers have rated it poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 2.8..

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