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War Room is a 2015 Christian drama film directed by Alex Kendrick and produced by Kendrick Brothers Productions. The movie stars Priscilla C. Shirer as Elizabeth Jordan, T.C. Stallings as Tony Jordan, and Karen Abercrombie as Miss Clara. The story revolves around Elizabeth, a successful real estate agent who seems to have everything in life except for a harmonious family. Her marriage with Tony is falling apart, and she is unable to connect with her daughter Danielle. Struggling to keep up with the demands of her job and family, Elizabeth soon meets Miss Clara, an elderly woman who sells her house to her. It is here that Miss Clara shares her personal life experiences with Elizabeth and challenges her to establish a war room in her house, which is a dedicated space to pray to God for the betterment of her family. As Elizabeth starts to embrace the power of prayer through her War Room, she begins to experience a transformation in her life. Her marriage begins to heal, and communication between the couple improves. Elizabeth finds the strength to face her problems with grace and patience. She also encourages her daughter, Danielle, to find her faith and trust in God. The movie not only emphasizes the power of prayer but also celebrates the importance of community and mentorship in leading an enlightened life. Miss Clara's wisdom and faith inspire Elizabeth, and she becomes a mentor to Danielle. As Miss Clara quotes, "the biggest battles aren't clinched on a battlefield, but in the confines of hearts and minds." The film also touches upon various societal issues, such as infidelity, materialistic greed, and interpersonal relationships. It questions the path to true happiness, which cannot be measured in materialistic possessions or success, but in the relationships we build. War Room was a significant box office success, grossing over $67 million worldwide. The film was also critically acclaimed and was praised for its excellent performances, relatable storytelling, and emotional resonance. The movie's message on the power of prayer and the importance of mentorship has resonated with audiences worldwide. In conclusion, War Room is an excellent movie for individuals looking to strengthen their faith and spiritual connection. The film's inspirational message and relatable storyline make it a must-watch for audiences seeking to improve their lives through faith and prayer. Watch War Room Online and experience a beautiful journey of transformation and the power of faith. Watch War Room Online today and see how prayer can change your life

War Room is a Drama, Romance movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 120 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 26.

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