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Vampire Dad is a 2020 indie comedy-drama film directed by Frankie Ingrassia and starring Jackson Hurst as the titular character, Emily O'Brien as his wife and Grace Caroline Currey as his teenage daughter. The movie tells the story of a workaholic lawyer named Dr. Raymond Walenski, who suddenly turns into a vampire after a freak accident. With his newfound powers, he struggles to balance his family life and his monstrous cravings, while also trying to uncover the truth behind his transformation.

The film starts off with Dr. Walenski leading a mundane life as a dedicated family man and a successful lawyer. However, his life takes a drastic turn after a freak accident in which he is bitten by a bat. The next day, he starts to experience strange symptoms like heightened senses and increased strength. He soon realizes that he has become a vampire, and tries to come to terms with his new identity.

As Dr. Walenski tries to keep his vampirism a secret from his family, he finds himself struggling to control his cravings for blood. He starts sneaking out at night to feed on animals, while also struggling to keep up with his work and family responsibilities during the day. His wife, Rebecca, starts to suspect that something is wrong with him and grows increasingly distant from him, which puts a strain on their marriage. Meanwhile, his daughter, Esme, is dealing with her own teenage problems, like trying to fit in at school and dealing with a crush on a boy.

The movie follows Dr. Walenski as he tries to balance his new life as a vampire with his old life as a lawyer and a father. He also teams up with a quirky vampire therapist named Dr. Frederick Van Helsing, played by Richard Ellis, who helps him navigate through his vampire nature and recognize his new abilities. Together, they try to figure out the source of his transformation and prevent it from further affecting his life and relationships.

The movie is a unique blend of comedy and drama, with a poignant exploration of family dynamics, identity, and acceptance. It also tackles themes like addiction, mental health, and guilt, as Dr. Walenski struggles with his vampirism and the impact it has on his loved ones. The characters are well-written and relatable, with solid performances from the cast, especially Hurst, who brings a vulnerable and sympathetic portrayal of a man torn between two worlds.

Overall, Vampire Dad is a refreshing take on the vampire genre, with a heartfelt and humorous approach that makes it stand out from other vampire films. It is an insightful and engaging story that makes you laugh, cry, and root for the protagonist as he tries to find his place in the world. It is a must-watch for fans of indie films and vampire stories alike.

In conclusion, Vampire Dad is a well-crafted indie movie that tackles the theme of acceptance in a unique and entertaining way. The movie delivers a mix of drama and comedy that appeals to a wide audience. The main character's struggle with his identity, addiction, and relationships makes the movie a compelling watch. The performances of the cast and the direction create a memorable experience that is both heartfelt and sincere.

Vampire Dad is a Comedy, Horror movie released in 2020. It has a runtime of 80 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.7..

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Frankie Ingrassia
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