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Until They Sail is a 1957 American drama film that tells the story of the four unmarried sisters of a New Zealand family during World War II. The movie is directed by Robert Wise and stars Jean Simmons, Paul Newman, and Joan Fontaine.

The film is set in New Zealand during World War II. The story revolves around the lives of four sisters - Barbara, Anne, Delia, and Evelyn Campbell - who have distinctly different personalities. The sisters are all unmarried and living with their mother in a small town. Their father had died years earlier, and their only brother was serving in the New Zealand military.

As the war breaks out, the sisters worry about their brother and the fate of their country. To escape their worries, they each find their individual ways of dealing with the war. Barbara, played by Jean Simmons, becomes a nurse and refuses to get romantically involved with anyone. Anne, played by Joan Fontaine, is an alcoholic who escapes her pains in the bottle. Delia, played by Piper Laurie, thinks she has found love with a married American serviceman. Evelyn, played by Sandra Dee, is the youngest and is still in school, but falls in love with a young sailor, played by Paul Newman.

The film is a complex melodrama that explores the themes of love, loss, and sacrifice. It delves into the lives of the sisters and the men they fall in love with. The movie portrays the intense emotions and passions that are unleashed due to the war. The film shows the difficulties of maintaining a relationship during a time of war and how the war disrupts both personal and public life.

The movie is also a commentary on gender roles during the war. The film shows the sisters as strong and independent women who are willing to sacrifice their own personal lives for the sake of their country. The film depicts the women as decision-makers who take charge of their own lives instead of waiting for men to take care of them. The movie also portrays the sisters as the backbone of the family who hold everything together, even during the most challenging times.

Until They Sail is a beautifully shot film that showcases the New Zealand countryside and the stark realities of war. The cinematography is excellent, capturing the scenic beauty of the landscape and the devastation of war-torn areas. The score by David Raksin perfectly complements the film, creating an emotional backdrop that heightens the drama.

The acting, particularly that of Jean Simmons and Joan Fontaine, is stellar. Simmons delivers a powerful performance as Barbara, the sister who sacrifices love for duty. Fontaine's portrayal of Anne, the alcoholic sister, is compelling and nuanced. Paul Newman, in a brief but memorable role, shines as the sailor who captures Evelyn's heart.

In conclusion, Until They Sail is a poignant and emotional movie that delves deep into the lives of a New Zealand family during World War II. The film explores themes of love, loss, sacrifice, and gender roles in a compelling and nuanced manner. With excellent cinematography and an outstanding cast, the movie is a classic that deserves to be watched and appreciated.

Until They Sail is a Drama, Romance, War movie released in 1957. It has a runtime of 94. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5..

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