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Until Death is a 2007 action thriller movie directed by Simon Fellows and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Stephen Rea, and Selina Giles. The film serves as a showcase of Van Damme's versatility and intensity as an actor.

Known for his martial arts and action roles, Van Damme demonstrates his acting depth in Until Death, playing a character that is far from a conventional hero. He stars as Anthony Stowe, a corrupt narcotics lieutenant in the gritty underworld of New Orleans. Stowe is a man consumed by vice, with his days and nights filled with a cocktail of drugs, alcohol, and adulterous affairs. Cynical, disillusioned, and repeatedly clashing with his subordinates, Stowe's life is in desperate need of a reckoning.

Stephen Rea portrays Stowe's former partner, Gabriel Callaghan, who has turned into a major player in the city's drug scene. Their past connection and current animosity provide one of the film's central tensions. Rea brings sophistication and menace to the role, deftly portraying a character that stands as both a personal and professional nemesis for Van Damme's Stowe. Callaghan's criminal activities are under investigation by the very department Stowe works in, adding layers of complexity to their relationship.

Selina Giles plays Valerie, Stowe's estranged wife. Despite Stowe's relentless descent into self-destruction, Valerie's enduring love for him adds an element of redemption to this gritty narrative. Giles delivers a heartrending performance as a woman torn between the love for her husband and the harsh realities of his lifestyle.

In Until Death, the director, Fellows, delves into the complex world of moral ambiguity and human fallibility. Each frame captures the harshness of the urban landscape, serving as a fitting backdrop to the turmoil unfolding within Stowe's life. The narrative is fraught with suspense, intrigue, and hard-hitting action sequences. Van Damme, with his rugged charm and formidable physicality, shines in combat scenes. However, it's his chemistry with Rea and Giles that truly takes center stage.

As Stowe's life spirals out of control, an unexpected incident leaves him in a coma. This moment serves as the turning point in the movie. Upon awakening, Stowe is faced with the grim reality of his actions and the damage they have inflicted on himself and those around him. This leads to a personal journey of self-discovery, penance, and the desire to make amends, thus transforming his character from a despicable cop to a man seeking redemption.

In Until Death, Van Damme's performance stretches way beyond his usual repertoire, presenting raw emotion that captures the struggle of a man with a dark past trying to salvage what's left of his life and relationships. Rea, with his calm yet scary demeanor, makes a compelling villain, balancing sophisticated charm and chilling cruelty. Giles' performance adds depth to the narrative, emphasizing the themes of love, regret, and forgiveness.

The supporting cast also includes notable performances by Mark Dymond, Gary Beadle, and Adam Leese. Each character adds another layer of complexity to the narrative, populating this gritty underworld with a host of compelling figures.

The film is underscored by an intensely effective musical score that perfectly accentuates the emotional journey of its characters. Combined with smart camera work and visually engaging action sequences, the cinematography of Until Death is truly praiseworthy.

Until Death offers a different perspective on Jean-Claude Van Damme as an actor, emphasizing his dramatic abilities alongside his well-established action credentials. Through a story centered on redemption and personal transformation, the film showcases a meaningful narrative amidst hard-boiled crime and brutal consequence.

Despite the inescapable darkness that frames the majority of the film, Until Death promises a glimpse of hope and change. It brings forth a central message - that it's never too late to correct one's ways and seek redemption. All these elements come together to present a movie that's more than just an action-packed thriller; it's a deeply human story of fall and redemption, loss and recovery.

In summary, Until Death is a must-watch for fans of Jean-Claude Van Damme as well as those who appreciate gritty crime films with strong character arcs and emotional depth. The film's remarkable performances, thrilling narrative, and profound themes, lift it beyond the realm of conventional action cinema and present viewers with a gripping, visceral, and ultimately human story.

Until Death is a Action, Thriller, Crime movie released in 2007. It has a runtime of 101. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7..

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