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Things Happen at Night is an outlandish British comedy film from the late 1940s that intertwines a supernatural theme and an eccentric family drama to tell a delightful, often chuckle-worthy story, that appeals to a wide array of audiences. It was released in 1948 and, while it may not be a widely recognized masterpiece, it nonetheless boasts some of the best work from veteran comedic actors Gordon Harker, Alfred Drayton, and Robertson Hare. The film, directed by Francis Searle, successfully combines mystery, suspense, and humor, and leaves audiences both entertained and engaged throughout.

The film revolves around the Wilton family, who endure an unexpected series of supernatural incidents that seem to suggest their house has become haunted. Every night, inexplicable instances of chaos and commotion unfold, much to the bewilderment and fright of the family. Rather than serving as a horror, these eerie happenings are utilized to create an aura of humor.

The film's protagonist, Joe Harris (played by Gordon Harker), is a hilarious yet humble insurance assessor who is assigned the responsibility of inspecting the events happening at the Wilton’s residence. Throughout the film, viewers observe his journey from skepticism to belief as he encounters the family and the inexplicable happenings which challenge his usual rational mindset. Harker's portrayal of Joe Harris is a pleasure to watch, with his expert use of comedic timing and wry humor making his character charming and relatable.

Pa Wilton, portrayed by Alfred Drayton, is the bemused head of the Wilton family. This character offers plenty of idiosyncratic humor as he attempts to unravel the mystery of the strange occurrences in the household and protect his family from the misunderstandings and confusions that ensue.

Meanwhile, Robertson Hare, who was already an established star of the British farce scene at the time, introduces a wild twist to the plot with his portrayal of Reverend Humphrey, an exorcist brought into the household to tackle these bewildering occurrences. Through him, the film explores the conflict between science and superstition - a theme that adds greater depth to the film.

Adding to the hilarious ensemble is Garry Marsh as a fastidious and analytical psychologist, Dr. James Achurch. His staunch belief in medical explanations lends itself to ironically humorous moments throughout the film. What is more, Peggy Evans, as the Wilton's daughter and love interest of Joe Harris, lends a romantic angle to the storyline, further broadening the film's appeal.

Undeniably, Things Happen at Night brilliantly leverages its unique premise and outstanding character work to create a truly entertaining spectacle. Its script, written by screenwriting duo Ted Willis and John Dighton, manages to strike a perfect balance by combining the suspense of a haunting mystery with abundant doses of humor at exactly the right moments. The comedic beats and timing of the dialogue allow the cast to display their skills and charm, engaging viewers from beginning to end.

From a technical standpoint, Things Happen at Night does a commendable job as well. The cinematography and direction create a sense of suspense and intrigue in every frame, despite the comedic underpinnings. The film’s visual style underscores its fantasy elements while simultaneously emphasizing the comedic aspects. The filmmaking crew’s apt handling of contrasting visual cues and whimsical plot elements pervades the film, bringing to life a truly unique cinematic experience.

In the end, Things Happen at Night remains a testament to classic British comedy, showcasing the remarkable talent the UK had to offer in the late 1940s. With its well-written script, skillful performances, and enjoyable direction, it promises a memorable, laughter-filled journey into the realm of the supernatural. While the film may not be a widely-known classic, it certainly holds its place as a gem in the world of British cinema and is a must-watch for fans of classic comedies or those with an interest in film history.

Things Happen at Night is a Comedy, Horror movie released in 1947. It has a runtime of 76 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.6..

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