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Imbued with a potent blend of psychological horror and family drama, The Wicked Within from 2015 is a riveting film that explores the depths of darkness that can consume even the most seemingly ordinary families. Directed by Jay Alaimo and featuring stunning performances by Sienna Guillory, Gianni Capaldi, and Enzo Cilenti, this film plunges viewers into an alarming and gripping journey of a family ripped apart by unseen forces.

The narrative revolves around the family of Bethany (played by Sienna Guillory) and Mike (Eric Roberts). The intricately woven story takes off a year after the death of their three-year-old daughter. The tragic incident has left an indelible mark on the couple, pushing them to somewhat separate lives. The lingering presence of the child's memory serves as an unsettling undercurrent surrounding the couple and their extended family.

To mend fences and provide a semblance of healing, a gathering is coordinated at the family's ancestral home. Mike's brother, Adam (played by Gianni Capaldi), their sister Karen (Michele Hicks), and their respective spouses are invited for what has been intended as a healing family reunion. But peace is fleeting in this gathering as inexplicable phenomena occur to the family along with the emergence of deeply-rooted secrets and emotional turmoil.

The events take an eerie turn when Bethany is discovered unconscious and her behavior changes dramatically. She becomes the epicenter of chaos and shows signs of possession, escalating the level of horror and leading to a horrifying realization. The family is propelled into a frantic struggle trying to control the situation, failing to realize the extent to which the supernatural has encroached upon their lives, entangled with their darkest secrets.

Sienna Guillory’s performance as Bethany is particularly noteworthy. Bethany’s transition from a grieving mother to the apparent recipient of a malevolent force is conveyed with a chilling and commanding presence. Guillory's ability to oscillate between vulnerability and mania elevates the element of horror, while also instilling a sense of sympathy for her character's plight.

On the other hand, Gianni Capaldi and Enzo Cilenti add further depth to the film. As Adam, Capaldi effectively depicts the brother's desired intentions to mend their broken family, while his own personal demons contribute to the unfolding chaos. Cilenti, as Karen's cynical husband Jimmy, provides a contrast to the family's dynamics, making the tension palpable.

Among the striking elements of the film is its clever play with ambiguity. The narrative forces the audience to question if what’s haunting the family is a product of a supernatural entity or the collective trauma they all harbor. This facet of the film fostered a twist to the traditional exorcism horror genre and added a psychological dimension that keeps viewers on their toes throughout the film.

The director successfully exploits the claustrophobic confines of the family home to leverage suspense, and the cinematography does a commendable job in reinforcing the spooky atmosphere. The film is further enhanced by a menacing score that serves to maintain the eerie ambiance, intensifying the sense of dread that permeates throughout.

The Wicked Within tackles the concept of exorcism with a fresh perspective. Despite the familiar premise of a possession narrative, it avoids succumbing entirely to the clichés of the genre. Instead, it capitalizes on the idea that sometimes, the most terrifying demons are those that dwell within us – our unspoken traumas and hidden sins.

In conclusion, The Wicked Within stands out as a psychological horror film that skillfully intertwines elements of family drama, supernatural phenomena, and visceral fears. Its compelling narrative and strong performances combine to produce a truly chilling cinematic experience. It captivates audiences with its suspenseful storyline, deft character development, and with its supernatural elements leaving a lasting impression long after the closing credits roll. The Wicked Within is an engrossing watch for those who enjoy horror films that delve into the depths of human psyche as much as they engage with the supernatural.

The Wicked Within is a Horror movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 91 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.3..

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