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The Voice of the Moon, released in 1990, is a unique mix of surreal comedy and drama, showcasing the talent of renowned Italian actor and comedian Roberto Benigni and his equally brilliant co-star Paolo Villaggio. Its complex narrative, stunning visuals, and intelligent storytelling make it a must-watch for fans of world cinema. Directed by the acclaimed Federico Fellini, it is a testament to Fellini’s unique expressionistic style and truly universal themes that speak to diverse audiences.

In this movie, Roberto Benigni plays Ivo Salvini, an individual recently released from a mental institution, a character that embodies an intriguing mix of innocence, wisdom, and grip on the world's paradoxes. As a man blessed with an ability to interpret moon signals, Salvini's character embarks on a metaphorical adventure through modern-day Italy. Because of his unique interpretation and overview of the world, viewers have the opportunity to reconsider their perspectives on life. His character captivates with its strange charm and unbridled energy, taking you on a journey that you are unlikely to forget.

Paolo Villaggio, a versatile actor known primarily for his comedic roles, plays Gonnella in this movie. He is a former prefect who constantly feels the need to assert his authority. Over time, his character forms an unlikely but fascinating bond with Ivo Salvini. The interactions between Villaggio's and Benigni's characters are both humorous and thought-provoking, making for a number of unforgettable scenes.

Other notable actors, including Marisa Tomasi, Nadia Ottaviani, Angelo Orlando, Uta Schmidt, Nigel Harris, and Susy Blady, contribute substantially to rounding out the film's cast. Their acting prowess and ability to work in harmony with such an ambitious storyline amplify the immersive experience.

The character framework and their relations within the movie revolve around wider societal issues. Through its whimsical narrative, The Voice of the Moon critiques various aspects of society and day-to-day life in Italy, drawing attention to common people's apathy towards the beauty of existence, becoming puppets in the hands of materialism, and several other themes that stimulate philosophical and social contemplation. It does so subtly but effectively, making the film much more than just a series of comedic moments. Instead, it is a profound, layered critique of modernity and the behavior it precipitates.

Fellini’s distinct cinematic vision is on full display in The Voice of the Moon. His ability to blend reality with dreams creates enchanting and sometimes even disorienting visual scenarios that beckon viewers into a world that is peculiar yet oddly familiar. The qualities that make Fellini one of the world's most respected filmmakers—his offbeat humor, his knack for capturing every human facet, his keen eye for detail—are all present and accounted for. The film is an excellent place for novices to begin their journey into Fellini's distinctive storytelling and a treat for lovers of his unconventional approach.

The cinematography complements the movie's theme by masterfully juxtaposing the serene calm of moonlit nights with the bustle of ordinary life. The use of wholesome natural scenery and traditionally rustic backdrops creates an intriguing contrast with the urban sprawl marked by industrialization.

In essence, The Voice of the Moon is a rich tapestry of eccentric characters, brilliantly executed performances, and powerful social commentary enveloped with surrealistic comedy and drama. Fellini's last feature film is perhaps one of his most personal, delving deep into systemic issues of society and the human condition. If you are a fan of cinema that transcends the typical boundaries of storytelling, this film is a must-watch. Its narrative will amuse, bewilder, provoke thought, and perhaps even inspire an altered perspective on the world, really emphasizing cinema's power as an art form. In these respects and more, The Voice of the Moon distinguished itself in 1990 and continues to do so years after its debut.

The Voice of the Moon is a Documentary movie released in 1990. It has a runtime of 120 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6..

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