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The Spanish Prisoner is an enchanting suspense-thriller written and directed by the noteworthy David Mamet in 1997. This intriguing narrative presents a web of duplicity and deceit, using a sharp script and an impressive ensemble cast resulting in a unique cinematic experience.

The film's protagonist, Joe Ross, is portrayed by Campbell Scott. Ross is a whiz-kid mathematical genius who has devised a mysteriously unnamed 'Process' that will ostensibly make his company a fortune. Although Ross is the brains behind the project, he is concerned that his employers might not compensate him sufficiently for his extraordinary idea. This anxiety, coupled with his increasing isolation, allow seeds of doubt and paranoia to take root in his mind, setting the stage for the ensuing drama.

Acclaimed comedic actor Steve Martin surprises audiences as the calculative and charismatic Julian 'Jimmy' Dell. While vacationing in the Caribbean, Dell forms an acquaintance with Ross. Martin's character is a smooth operator whose polite demeanor and upper-class sophistications serve to camouflage his true intentions.

The presence of Ben Gazzara, in the role of Mr. Klein, the person Ross suspects might be cheating him, adds an intriguing layer to the drama. Despite his small role, Gazzara's portrayal of Klein is powerful and ominous, adding to the tension that builds throughout the picture.

The masterful writing organically introduces us to a slew of complex characters such as Laura, played by Rebecca Pidgeon, who is Ross’s loyal yet mysterious secretary; as well as Susan Ricci, the tenacious FBI agent enacted by Felicity Huffman. A stellar supporting cast, sporting the likes of Ed O’Neill and Ricky Jay, contributes to the intricacy and depth of the narrative.

Mamet’s quintessential style is palpable in every scene and every character in this glossy thriller. The movie brilliantly utilizes elements of traditional con-arts, with the title, 'The Spanish Prisoner', referencing a classic con-game from the late 16th century. This clever nod adds another layer of sophistication and depth to the already multi-dimensional storyline.

The narrative is deeply engrossing and challenging, its labyrinthine plot twists taking audiences on a riveting journey. The dialogue-driven suspense keeps the viewers on their toes. It's a slow burn, where the tension builds slowly and subtly, resulting in moments of profound revelation. Its circuitous storyline eventually leads to an impactful ending, leaving viewers contemplating the essence of trust and deceit.

The subtlety and precision of Mamet's dialogue act in perfect synergy with the characters, flaws, and desolation. Mamet's tricky display of shifting loyalties, layered storylines, and clever deceptions, which he also showcased in his works like House of Games and Glengarry Glen Ross, are on full display in The Spanish Prisoner.

The film’s visual aesthetic is stark and elegant, accompanying the story's tonal shifts, with the camera lingering on its subjects and showcasing the details of each scene. Cinematographer Gabriel Beristain makes the most of natural and artificial light to capture the movie's shifting moods.

In conclusion, The Spanish Prisoner is a superbly written, performed, and directed suspenseful thriller. The slow-burning narrative, coupled with the expert craftsmanship of David Mamet and the layered performances of the cast members, makes it an unforgettable addition to the canon of thriller cinema. This movie is a must-see for fans of David Mamet, or anyone who appreciates smart, dialogue-heavy thrillers, making viewers question: Who can really be trusted?

The Spanish Prisoner is a Drama, Mystery, Thriller movie released in 1997. It has a runtime of 110 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 70.

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