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The Seasoning House is a gripping and gruesome 2012 horror-thriller directed by Paul Hyett and co-written by Conal Palmer and Adrian Rigelsford. The main cast features Rosie Day, Sean Pertwee, and Kevin Howarth whose performances made this film a relentless exploration of human resilience against unimaginable trauma.

The movie is rooted in the ugly realities of the Balkan War, casting a disparaging light on human trafficking, abuse, and the uses of power in conflict. It is a disturbing reflection on the forgotten casualties of war, and while containing scenes of violence that can be hard to stomach, the film never treats this darkness as casual or gratuitous, rather as a window into a horrifyingly real world hidden from common eyes.

Rosie Day brilliantly takes center stage as Angel, a deaf and mute young girl who is inhumanely snatched from her peaceful life and thrown into the ruthless world of a military brothel — or 'seasoning house.' Showing an intense, emotion-laden performance, her character serves as the eyes and the silent voice of all the tormented novices in the house, lending a sense of hope amidst the grim circumstances. Angel is somewhat spared from the same fate as her counterparts due to her unique disabilities, instead being forced to play the medic, tending to the girls in the house who are brutalized on a daily basis. As the horrors around her become unbearable, Angel’s will to survive slowly jolts to life.

Sean Pertwee brings a terrifying presence to the character of Goran. His complex and multi-layered portrayal of a ruthless war criminal who has an uncomfortable level of sociopolitical power in the situation is chilling yet remarkable. Kevin Howarth also stands out in his menacing portrayal of Viktor, the cruel and sadistic operator of the 'seasoning house.' Their performances generate an unsettling atmosphere that keeps viewers emotionally invested and on edge.

Adding to these riveting performances, Paul Hyett's vision for the dire situation pays careful attention to the details of its dark setting and intricate cinematography. Long, flowing shots are used throughout the film to subtly attach the audience to Angel's perspectives, embedding the horror and sorrow of her experiences. This observational quality of the film fuels the urgency throughout and culminates in a haunting and relentless conclusion.

The haunting score by Paul E. Francis successfully amplifies the atmosphere of terror and revulsion, providing an ill-fated ambiance that perfectly mirrors the on-screen tragedy. The realistic special effects in the film, created by Hyett himself, a renowned SFX makeup artist, add a disturbing authenticity to the scenes of brutality and carnage.

However, it's important to note that The Seasoning House isn't a film for the faint-hearted. Its depiction of abuse, violence, and hopelessness requires a headstrong viewer able to face and acknowledge the harsh realities of the world. But underneath the layers of the physical and psychological horror, the narrative subtly puts forth themes of resilience, resistance, courage, and an unshakeable will to survive against all odds. The film successfully compels the audience to reckon with the atrocities of war, particularly the rampant exploitation of women and the desperate struggle for survival it breeds.

The Seasoning House is a heavy, grim, emotionally challenging film that is sure to leave you pondering on its impactful narrative long after the end credits have rolled. It serves as a grim spectacle of the horrific historical atrocities that have punctuated human civilization and continues to remind viewers of the systemic violence that can still be found in the darker corners of the world today.

In conclusion, the film is harrowing, but delivers a potent message about resistance, survival, and the human spirit amidst the unthinkable horrors. Even though it’s not a film for everyone, it offers a truly unforgettable viewing experience, especially for those who can stomach its brutal complexities and sadness.

The Seasoning House is a Horror movie released in 2012. It has a runtime of 94 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1..

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Paul Hyett
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