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The Late Great Planet Earth is a compelling and thought-provoking documentary film released in 1978. Directed by Robert Amram and Rolf Forsberg, the film is a speculative examination of prophetic biblical texts, particularly as they might relate to the end times or future of humanity. The film has been narrated by the legendary actor Orson Welles, famous for his landmark film Citizen Kane. Along with Welles, the film also features Hal Lindsey, a best-selling author, and Babetta, an actress with significant TV credits.

The film presents a blend of theological debate, pop culture, and cold war anxiety. It broadens the typical movie-goer's horizons by delving into a theme that is as old as the Bible, yet still arouses interest and curiosity across different cultures and societies worldwide. Illuminating the scriptures' enigmatic prophecies, especially those found in the Books of Daniel and Revelation, this film presents the subject matter in an engaging format, focusing on the audience's intellectual involvement.

The film opens up by presenting an overview of various natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, and floods apocalypse, bolstering those visuals with relevant Biblical passages that predict world-wide catastrophes in the end times. The images are stark but they accompany the discussions by scholars and theologians with an insightful narration by Orson Welles.

Hal Lindsey, the best-selling author of the book after which this film is named, is a significant contributor to the content and direction of the film. He shares his interpretations and explanations of the prophetic portions of the Bible, boldly sharing his beliefs about their implications for humans and their future. His charismatic personality and bold claims steer the course of the film, keeping the audience gripped and engrossed in the narratives being presented.

Babetta, a familiar face from popular television shows, also adds her expertise to the film, discussing her perspectives and contributing to the riveting content of the documentary. The film features a few reenactments of the depicted Biblical events, allowing the audience to visualize the prophecies and think actively about their possible manifestations. These dramatizations add a captivating allure to the proceedings without detracting from the intensely intellectual discussions.

Orson Welles' narration is not merely a vocal performance, it rises to the heights of philosophical musing. His deep, mellifluous voice commands attention, pulling viewers into the narrative and guiding them through a labyrinth of spiritual, historical, and potential future events. Welles doesn’t shy away from asking difficult questions, pushing viewers to contemplate the nature of life, human existence, and the possibility of divine intervention.

The Late Great Planet Earth also strives to present the geopolitical landscape of the mid-to-late 20th century under the theological magnifying glass, with topics such as the creation of Israel, the Cold War, and advances in technology coming under discussion. The approach is to map these contemporary events onto prophecies in the Bible, presenting arguments for the concept of predictive prophecy.

The film's hypnotizing rhythm, combined with its screenplay's intellectual gravitas, succeeds in keeping viewers hooked throughout. Even those skeptical or unfamiliar with the subject matter can appreciate the film for its thought-provoking examination of world events, its striking visuals, and its compelling storytelling.

While its prophetic interpretations and potentially catastrophic hypotheses may be intimidating to digest, the film leaves room for personal subjectivity. It doesn't impose a viewpoint or judgement onto its audience. Instead, the film offers different viewpoints in a balanced and impartial manner, encouraging intellectual self-exploration and unbiased judgment.

In summary, The Late Great Planet Earth successfully blends religion, history, and contemporary politics into a thought-provoking narrative. Even in its potentially intimidating subject matter, it makes for an engaging watch, stimulating intellectual curiosity and opening discussions around what the future holds for humanity. It offers a captivating journey that reflects on the past, scrutinizes the present, and muses about the future. It is much more than a film; it is a conversation starter that keeps the audience pondering long after the final credits roll.

The Late Great Planet Earth is a Documentary movie released in 1978. It has a runtime of 87 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.7..

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