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The Last 5 Years, a 2014 film based on Tony Award-winning playwright Jason Robert Brown's musical of the same name, features an incredibly inventive and unique style in narrative storytelling through the dimension of song.

The film features Anna Kendrick, Jeremy Jordan, and Tamara Mintz in leading roles, each bringing their own distinctive talent to the plot's multilayered romantic drama. The narrative makes leaps at various points between different time frames in a five-year relationship, sketching the highs and lows, the euphoria, and the heartbreak of a love story set in contemporary New York City.

Initially, viewers are met with the radiant talent of Anna Kendrick in the role of Cathy Hiatt: a struggling actress grappling with the perils of an intensely competitive industry. Known for her impressive vocal abilities and powerful performances, Kendrick is in her element, effortlessly carrying the heavy emotional weight of her character. From the sweetness of falling in love to the bitterness of disappointment, Kendrick’sCathy is vivid, raw, and real, delivering a compelling performance that holds the audience captive.

Jeremy Jordan takes on the character of Jamie Wellerstein, an ambitious and talented young writer whose sudden burst into literary stardom presents its own unique challenges. A rising star on Broadway, Jordan's vocal prowess and compelling dramatic ability shine through as he portrays Jamie's personal and professional journey. He brilliantly executes the potent, complex emotions that shape Jamie’s arc, oscillating between the euphoria of success and the despair of personal failings.

In a supporting role, Tamara Mintz's portrayal of Alise Michaels offers a subtle, grounded performance that anchors the film's emotionally charged narrative. Her character's arcs intersect with Cathy and Jamie's journeys in interesting ways, bringing added dimensions to the storyline.

The film's storytelling structure is daring and innovative, making bold choices in its non-linear narration and intense focus on character development through music. While Cathy’s story starts at the end of their relationship working its way back to the start, Jamie's account follows a conventional timeline, starting from when they first meet and ending with their separation. Meticulously threading these two stories into a cohesive narrative, the film walks a delicate line between optimism and despair.

Song sequences punctuate the storyline, with numbers ranging from infectiously upbeat to emotionally raw. The musical elements retain the stage show's vibrancy while making impressively smooth transitions to the big screen. Richard LaGravenese, the film's director, meticulously uses the medium of film to take the musical performances to another level, using elaborate settings, creative editing, and interesting cinematography to enhance the experience.

The music and lyrics are penned by Jason Robert Brown, promising a rich, melodic score that echoes the characters' sentiments, becoming a part of their emotional language. Each song paints a picture of the individual stages in Cathy and Jamie's relationship, marking the significant and mundane moments alike. They successfully encapsulate the joy, pain, hopes, disappointments, and all the complex emotions that weave into the tapestry of love and loss.

In terms of production design, The Last 5 Years is vibrant, amid its often melancholic tone, thanks to its New York backdrop. The bustling city, with its beautiful locales and distinctive spirit, plays an essential role, becoming a character in and of itself. The film also makes remarkable use of lighting and color palettes to reflect the shifting emotional dynamics of the characters and their relationship.

What gives The Last 5 Years its heart is the raw, captivating performance by the leads and the emotional depth of its narrative, brought to life through music. It explores the compelling notion that two individuals can experience the same relationship in completely different ways.

In essence, The Last 5 Years is a musical odyssey filled with captivating performances, memorable songs, and a unique narrative form that breathes fresh life into the conventional romantic drama. It's an emotional roller coaster that takes us on a five-year journey through love, heartbreak, and the bitter-sweet complexities of life and relationships.

The Last 5 Years is a Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 94 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 60.

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