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The Incredible Journey of Dr. Meg Laurel, released in 1979 with Lindsay Wagner, Jane Wyman, and Andrew Duggan as lead actors, is a movie that tells the story of a young woman's journey to fulfill her dream.

Meg Laurel, played by Lindsay Wagner, is a talented young doctor who is passionate about serving her community. Despite her qualifications, Meg faces rejection from hiring managers as her gender remains a significant barrier in the male-dominated medical field. After one too many rejections, Meg resolves to leave her hometown and seek a community where she can practice medicine freely.

With barely any money to her name, Meg sets out on a journey that will take her through treacherous territories to the mining town of Silver City where her medical skills, she hopes, will be in high demand. Along the way, she meets a group of fellow travelers who become her support system as she navigates the challenges of an unfamiliar land. Among them is Jane Wyman's character, Mrs. Clara Campbell, who takes Meg under her wing and provides her with a home and work to support herself.

As Meg starts to settle in the new town, she quickly realizes that being a doctor in this underdeveloped area comes with its unique set of challenges. The town's people, including the males who work in the mines, are suspicious of her capabilities and show no interest in having a "woman" as their doctor. However, Meg is undeterred, and with the help of her friends, she goes above and beyond to earn her patient's trust and respect.

As time goes on, Meg's work as a doctor takes her back to her hometown where she confronts her past and the rejection that has fueled her ambition. Through the eyes of the people she engages with, including her past romantic interest, played by Andrew Duggan, Meg gets a glimpse of how her work has impacted the community. With renewed energy, Meg returns to Silver City to keep up the good work, knowing that she has found her calling.

The Incredible Journey of Dr. Meg Laurel is a movie that is sure to inspire anyone who has faced challenges in their journey to pursue their dreams. The message is particularly significant for women and anyone else who has faced discrimination and closed doors. Meg Laurel is a character that you will root for from the beginning to the end of the movie. She is an embodiment of hard work, passion, perseverance, courage, and love.

The performances by the actors are top-notch, with Lindsay Wagner delivering an outstanding portrayal of Dr. Meg Laurel. Her acting is powerful, captivating, and inspiring, making it easy for viewers to connect with her character. Jane Wyman's character, Mrs. Clara Campbell, also gives a commendable performance as she supports Meg in her journey. Andrew Duggan's portrayal of the past romantic interest, Dave Barton, adds an intriguing twist to the story that keeps the viewers engaged.

The cinematography, set design, and costume design in the movie are also excellent. From the barren landscapes to the bustling towns, the movie captures the essence of the old west. The costumes add a touch of authenticity to the characters, bringing them to life.

In conclusion, The Incredible Journey of Dr. Meg Laurel is a movie that is worth watching. It is a story of a remarkable woman who defied the odds to pursue her dreams and make a meaningful impact in her community. It is a story that has relevance even today as people continue to face discrimination in various forms. The film's powerful message, along with the outstanding performances, makes it a classic that will forever inspire its viewers.

The Incredible Journey of Dr. Meg Laurel is a Drama, TV Movie, Adventure movie released in 1979. It has a runtime of 145 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6..

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