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In 1977, the movie The Haunting of Julia was released, starring Mia Farrow as a grieving mother who moves into a new home after her daughter's sudden death. The film takes place in London and is based on the novel Julia by Peter Straub.

From the beginning of the movie, the audience is made aware of the tragedy that occurs in Julia's life. She is seen wandering around London, observing other mothers with their children and trying to process the loss of her own. She eventually ends up purchasing a spacious but eerie house that is more than a century old, despite the warnings of the estate agent.

As Julia begins to settle into her new home, strange occurrences begin to take place. Doors randomly open and shut, temperature drops and rises, and objects move on their own. Julia is convinced that the house is haunted, but her husband Magnus, played by Keir Dullea, is a skeptic and dismisses her theories as paranoia.

Julia becomes increasingly obsessed with the notion of spirits inhabiting her home, and her relationships with Magnus and their close friend, played by Tom Conti, begin to suffer. She eventually seeks the help of a paranormal investigator, but what he uncovers only serves to further terrify her.

As the movie progresses, more and more unsettling events occur in the house. Julia's mental state deteriorates as she becomes convinced that her daughter's spirit is trapped in the house and is trying to communicate with her. The tension builds as Julia becomes increasingly isolated from the outside world, her husband, and her friends.

Mia Farrow gives a compelling performance as Julia, convincingly conveying the character's fragile state of mind as she descends deeper into her obsession with the supernatural. Keir Dullea also delivers a solid performance as the skeptical husband, torn between his wife's well-being and his own rationality.

The Haunting of Julia is a classic example of a haunted house movie, with its focus on the psychological toll that paranormal phenomena can have on its characters. The film's eerie atmosphere and slow-burn pacing allow the audience to fully immerse themselves in Julia's growing sense of dread as she becomes more and more ensnared by the spirits that inhabit her home.

Overall, The Haunting of Julia is a well-executed horror movie that delivers on its promise of scares and suspense. It may be dated in some ways, but it remains a solid entry in the haunted house subgenre and a must-see for fans of classic horror.

The Haunting of Julia is a Drama, Horror, Mystery movie released in 1978. It has a runtime of 98 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 57.

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