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The Curse of Hobbes House is a 2020 UK zombie horror film that adds a fresh twist to the genre while showcasing a strong narrative and captivating performances. Directed by Juliane Block and starring Mhairi Calvey, Makenna Guyler, and Waleed Elgadi, it takes audiences on a thrilling ride filled with equal parts suspense and horror, combined with well-executed plot twists and stunning cinematography.

The story follows Jane Dormant (played by Mhairi Calvey), a young woman navigating her own personal turmoil in economically challenged London. When she finds herself unexpectedly named the beneficiary of a mansion left by her long-forgotten and recently deceased wealthy aunt, she leaves the city to explore her inheritance.

Accompanying Jane is her cheeky but loyal sister Jennifer Dormant, a role perfectly brought to life by Makenna Guyler. Their relationship is one of the many strands expertly woven into the narrative, adding depth to their characters and complexity to their circumstances. They arrive at the iconic Hobbes House only to find that also contesting the inheritance is Naser Mohammedin (played by Waleed Elgadi) who claims to be the caretaker of the mansion for many years.

As the story unfolds, it soon becomes clear there is more to the house than its aged façade. Its past, marked by a foreboding curse, comes back to haunt Jane, Jennifer, and Naser. The previously lush and alluring mansion turns into a battlefield for survival as the dormant ancient curse springs to life, giving birth to a fresh wave of homegrown horror. Decaying secrets are unearthed, and the secluded mansion becomes a playground for the undead.

Director Juliane Block ensures that the horror elements aren’t just shocking, but also carry a significant narrative weight. She excels in maintaining subtle but persistent tension throughout the plot, which peaks with horrifying, visceral moments. Using the atmospheric and gothic Hobbes House as a central character in itself, Block cleverly infuses a sense of unease and creepy elegance into every frame. The cinematography beautifully captures the eerie ambience through the extensive use of low-key lighting and disconcerting close-ups.

Mhairi Calvey’s Jane is not your typical scream queen. She’s a heady mix of self-reliance and vulnerability, who discovers her untapped ferocity when faced with insurmountable odds. Calvey’s portrayal of Jane, even in horrifying circumstances, is convincing and engaging.

Makenna Guyler as Jennifer shines equally in the plot, with her humor and sass mixed with grit when required. She serves as an excellent foil to Jane, adding abundant personality to the narrative. Waleed Elgadi's Naser Mohammedin is intriguingly layered, maintaining an air of mystery which lends to the story's suspense.

Another exciting strand of Curse of Hobbes House is its socio-economic undertones. Block subtly explores class warfare, economic disparity, and even sibling rivalry without reducing their complexities or veering off from the main storyline. This brings a contemporary edge to the traditional zombie horror genre, allowing for social commentary to permeate through the area typically dominated by jump scares and gore.

Apart from survival and scares, the movie also delves into themes of family, legacy, betrayal, and redemption. The tight-knit script by Wolf-Peter Arand enables these themes to unwrap organically, making the horror experience richer and more compelling.

The make-up and special effects team do a commendable job, creating zombies that are authentically terrifying and hard to forget. Rather than relying solely on gore, the team taps into the uncanny to create creatures that are more chilling and haunting than outright grotesque.

The Curse of Hobbes House is indeed an engaging horror movie that goes beyond the usual scares. The gripping plot, evolved characters and intelligent infusion of sub-themes ensure it’s not just the zombies that get under your skin but also the underpinning story itself. This film, with its mix of horror, drama and spine-tingling thrill, makes for a satisfying watch that offers more than just your typical zombie apocalypse flick.

The Curse of Hobbes House is a Horror, Thriller movie released in 2020. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.5..

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