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The Big Bird Cage is a 1972 action-adventure film directed by Jack Hill and starring Pam Grier, Anitra Ford, and Candice Roman. The movie is set in the Philippines and follows a group of female political prisoners who are kept in a maximum-security prison. The prison is run by a sadistic and corrupt warden, who is using the women for his own personal gain.

The film begins with a group of rebels, led by Django (played by Sid Haig), who are planning to launch an attack on the prison to free their comrades. They enlist the help of Blossom (played by Pam Grier), a local prostitute who has a personal vendetta against the warden, and they hatch a plan to infiltrate the prison and free the prisoners.

The action kicks off when Terry (played by Anitra Ford), a former prostitute who was arrested for killing her pimp, arrives at the prison. Terry is a tough-as-nails woman who quickly forms a bond with Blossom and the other prisoners. Together, they plot their escape from the prison while dealing with the sadistic warden and his guards.

The Big Bird Cage is known for its over-the-top action scenes and impressive stunts. There are several memorable fight scenes throughout the movie, including one where Blossom takes on a group of guards with a steel pipe. Pam Grier's performance as Blossom is one of the highlights of the film, and this role helped cement her status as a leading lady in the Blaxploitation genre.

The film also tackles some serious themes, including political oppression and the abuse of power. The women in the prison are subjected to terrible conditions, including rape and torture, and they are constantly fighting against the corrupt system that has imprisoned them. The movie doesn't shy away from showing the brutality of the prison, but it also has moments of humor and camaraderie among the prisoners.

Overall, The Big Bird Cage is an entertaining and action-packed film that showcases the talents of its talented cast. With its memorable characters, thrilling action scenes, and strong social commentary, it remains a classic of the Blaxploitation genre.

The Big Bird Cage is a Action, Crime, Drama movie released in 1972. It has a runtime of 88 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9..

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