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The Apple Dumpling Gang is a 1975 comedy-western film directed by Norman Tokar and produced by Disney Productions. The movie stars Bill Bixby, Susan Clark, and Don Knotts in lead roles. Set in the late 1800s, the movie tells the story of three orphans, Bobby, Clovis, and Celia, who inherit a large sum of money from their late father. However, the money is hidden in a place that they cannot find, leaving them destitute.

Bobby and Clovis, played by Tim Conway and Don Knotts, respectively, are a pair of bumbling petty thieves who have been kicked out of many towns for their mischievous deeds. They are soon recruited by a businessman named Russell Donavan, played by Bill Bixby, to help him transport a shipment of gold across the territory. Though reluctant at first, the duo agrees to help Russell, hoping to steal the gold for themselves.

However, things don't go as expected, and Bobby and Clovis end up losing the gold in a river while crossing it. They soon discover that the river has washed up a wooden crate containing a bunch of women's dresses dyed yellow, which they mistake for gold. They decide to use the dresses to make apple dumplings and sell them in a nearby town. Little do they know that the dresses actually belong to a group of bandits who are after the real shipment of gold.

Meanwhile, Celia, played by Susan Clark, is left alone by herself back at the ranch, where she is discovered by the bandits. She manages to escape and runs into Russell, whom she tells of her situation. Russell then sends her to the town where Bobby and Clovis are selling their dumplings.

As the bandits close in on the town, Bobby and Clovis, along with Celia and Russell, must team up to defend themselves against the bandits and protect the dresses-turned-gold from falling into the wrong hands.

The film is filled with slapstick humor, humorous situations, and entertaining characters. Don Knotts and Tim Conway's on-screen chemistry is fantastic, and they provide many laughs throughout the movie. Bill Bixby plays the straight man to Knotts and Conway's antics, adding a serious tone to the movie.

The Apple Dumpling Gang is a lighthearted and entertaining family movie that showcases the talents of its cast members. The film's moral message of the importance of family and friendship is also emphasized throughout, making it a heartwarming and enjoyable watch for all ages. The movie was successful enough to spawn a sequel, The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again, in 1979.

The Apple Dumpling Gang is a Comedy, Kids & Family, Western movie released in 1975. It has a runtime of 100 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 59.

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