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Directed by Tim Hunter and based on an eponymous novel written by S.E. Hinton, Tex is a 1982 drama film that gives the audience an insightful look into the frailties of human life and the struggle of growing up. The film stars Matt Dillon as Tex McCormick, Jim Metzler as his older brother, Mason, and Meg Tilly starring as Tex's love interest, Jamie Collins. The movie takes the audience on the emotional journey of these young characters as they navigate through life's hurdles and harsh realities.

The film is set in the rustic yet beautiful landscape of Bixby, Oklahoma, where Tex McCormick and his canvas riding-rope-loving older brother Mason, manage to fend off for themselves after their mother's demise. Their hard-edged father, a rodeo cowboy, is habitually out on tours, leaving Tex and Mason to on their own. The resulting void is felt not just in the family's socioeconomic status but also in the intimate bond of the sibling relationship. In this dilemma, the audience gets an intimate look into dual upbringing that comes with young adults stepping into parental shoes – a challenge faced by the elder brother, Mason.

Matt Dillon portrays Tex McCormick, a young teenager fiercely loyal to his brother, oozes with impulsivity and innocent inquisitiveness. Dillon's portrayal of Tex pulls the audience in as the character grapples with the bitter taste of adulthood while struggling to hold on to his fading adolescence. His performance as a misunderstood, compassionate, and expressive young man is quite commendable and strongly contributes to the film's emotional clout. One of the main driving points in the movie is Tex's romantic interest in Jamie Collins played by Meg Tilly. Their blooming relationship gradually proffers a deeper subtext of innocence and vulnerability.

Jim Metzler breathes life into the character of Mason McCormick, a high school senior forced into the role of a parental figure far too early in his life. Mason is presented as a responsible, protective figure, burdened with ensuring his brother Tex's wellbeing while maintaining peace in their tumultuous household. His internal conflict between choosing between his dream of getting a college education and his responsibility towards Tex is what creates the plot's momentum.

Meg Tilly adds another facet to the portrayal of teenage life with her character of Jamie Collins. The friendship that blooms between her character Jamie and Tex forms one of the plot's main emotional cores. The innocence laced with the tension of emerging, naive love paints a vivid picture of the confusing yet beautiful maze of teenage romance.

Hunter’s cat's paw approach to Hinton's masterful slice-of-life story imbues a potent mix of raw teenage emotions amongst the leads, allowing the film to traverse from being a simply narrated story to become a heart-rending journey of adolescence. The film does a commendable job of portraying the seething unrest, the chaotic life decisions, the mistakes born out of burning curiosity, and the love – both romantic and familial – that resound with the disorderly course called life.

Danny Elfman's music beautifully complements the emotional arc of the story, creating a nuanced mood throughout the film. The film's cinematography sets the rustic and serene landscapes against the jarring and tumultuous upheavals in the characters’ lives, ultimately reinforcing the film’s underlying themes.

Wrapped around the lives and trials of two brothers, Tex triumphs as an evocative tale that explores the bittersweet world of passing adolescence. It's a touching story about growing up too soon, about making sacrifices, and about impulsively challenging the world that is seemingly falling apart. Engaging performances by the lead actors coupled with insightful storytelling make Tex a must-watch for anyone looking to take an emotional journey complemented by the backdrop of a beautiful rural landscape. Furthermore, the film offers an astute study of human characters and the realities of life that are just as relevant today as they were when the film was first released in 1982.

Tex is a Drama movie released in 1982. It has a runtime of 103 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 78.

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