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Teenage Caveman, a science fiction film from 2002, directed by cult filmmaker Larry Clark, features Andrew Keegan, Tara Subkoff, and Richard Hillman at the helm. This movie is a part of a series of Movie re-imaginations for the cable network Cinemax and is based on the eponymous 1958 film by Roger Corman. Infusing the conventional teen-drama with a post-apocalyptic scenario, director Clark presents a fresh perspective on societal themes and teenage rebelliousness.

Set in a future devastated by the after-effects of bio-terrorism, the story encompasses a tribe of teenagers who survive as hunter-gatherers, living by the unbroken rules set by their elder, played by Richard Hillman. Despite the dilapidated world outside, the leader strictly enforces the tribe to live in a primitive fashion, resisting any chance of an improved lifestyle. Andrew Keegan plays 'David', the rebellious protagonist, who's fed up with the fallacies and perceived irrationalities of the leader's rules and questions whether the outside world is as hazardous as it's made out to be.

His skepticism towards the tribe's established norms and dissatisfaction with the austere living conditions drive him to venture outside of the tribal boundaries and into the forbidden zones. David's brash decisions not only set him in direct confrontation with the tribe leader but also lead him to discover shocking secrets about humanity's past. Tara Subkoff plays Keegan’s love interest ‘Sarah’, who becomes his partner in unraveling the mystery encapsulating their existence and the world beyond.

The film is punctuated with moments of heightened suspense, action-packed sequences, and the daring exploits of its young protagonists. Teenagers rebelling against the social order is a classic theme, but what sets Teenage Caveman apart is its unique amalgamation of this theme with a post-apocalyptic backdrop. Through the narrative, audiences are invited to explore questions about the nature of civilization, the notion of 'progress,' and the implications of unchecked authority.

Keegan, known for his roles in 90s teen dramas, provides commendable performances, embodying the defiance and courage associated with a young protagonist. On the other hand, Subkoff's portrayal of an ingenious and supportive companion adds drama and allure. Richard Hillman's character as the stern and disillusioned tribe leader provides contrast and tension, fueling the heart of the conflict within the narrative.

In terms of visual effects, the ruined landscape of the post-apocalyptic world is brilliantly captured. The film combines dark, dystopian tones with stark imagery reminiscent of prehistoric times. The production design effectively amalgamates futuristic aesthetics with primitive attributes, bringing to life the dichotomy that the characters live in. The pacing allows audiences to gradually absorb the eerie atmosphere and the unsettling realities of their existence.

Teenage Caveman also features several scenes illustrating a rough and abrasive lifestyle, typical for a tribe living in primitive conditions. It details the challenges faced by the youngsters to survive in such a hostile environment. There's an underlying strain of social commentary throughout the narrative that subtly critiques the strictures of societal norms and the constant human resistance to change.

Clark is known for his unflinching portrayal of teenage life, primarily dealing with themes of rebellion and societal constraints. Audiences familiar with his work can expect the same raw energy and authenticity in Teenage Caveman. However, this film's narrative is a marked departure from Clark’s usually realistic milieu, venturing into the realms of speculative fiction, leaving plenty open for interpretation.

Moreover, the film showcases several typical elements of the science fiction genre including, but not limited to, an exploration of an alternate future, bio-terrorism, and societal collapse. This serves to satiate the appetites of both fans of social realism and aficionados of science fiction.

Overall, Teenage Caveman is a thrilling and thought-provoking cinematic experience with its unique blend of teen drama and post-apocalyptic and dystopian imagery. It offers a unique perspective on adolescent rebellion, societal rules, and the survival of humanity amidst chaos.

Teenage Caveman is a Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction movie released in 2001. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.3..

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