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Tai Chi Zero is a 2012 Chinese action movie directed by Stephen Fung, starring Hark-On Fung, Xiaochao Yuan and Stephen Fung himself. The movie takes place in a small Chinese village in the early 19th century and follows the journey of a young martial artist named Yang Luchan, played by Xiaochao Yuan.

Yang Luchan was born with a fleshy abnormality on his forehead which causes him to be bullied and rejected by the people of his village. However, his grandfather, Yang Banhou, recognizes his potential and teaches him the art of Tai Chi, a martial art based on the principles of Yin and Yang. The style of Tai Chi that Yang Banhou teaches is known as Chen-style Tai Chi, a powerful and complex style that is difficult to master.

As Yang Luchan excels in his training, he becomes involved in a conflict between the villagers and the British who want to build a railway through their land. The British are led by a man named Anthony, who is played by Hark-On Fung. Anthony is interested in Tai Chi and sees it as a key to controlling the villagers and their land. He recruits a group of engineers to build a steam-powered machine that can reveal the Tai Chi secrets, hoping to learn them and use them to his advantage.

As Anthony and his team work on the machine, Yang Luchan falls in love with a beautiful village girl named Yuniang, played by Angelababy. Yuniang is skeptical of Yang Luchan's Tai Chi skills and challenges him to a fight. Yang Luchan is defeated and humiliated, but he is determined to prove himself and win Yuniang's heart. He learns of a famous Tai Chi master named Chen Chang Xing, played by Tony Leung Ka-fai, who lives in the nearby Chen village and decides to seek his guidance.

On his way to Chen village, Yang Luchan encounters a group of mysterious men who are experts in various forms of martial arts, including Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, and Wing Chun. They recognize Yang Luchan's potential and offer to train him in their respective styles. Yang Luchan refuses, remaining loyal to his Tai Chi, but he learns from them and incorporates some of their techniques into his Tai Chi style.

Meanwhile, Anthony's machine is completed, and he tests it on Chen Chang Xing, hoping to reveal the secrets of Chen-style Tai Chi. However, the machine malfunctions, and Chen Chang Xing dies in the process, leaving Yang Luchan as the only person who knows the true secrets of Chen-style Tai Chi.

As the conflict between the villagers and the British escalates, Yang Luchan returns to his village and prepares for a final showdown with Anthony and his team. He and Yuniang lead the villagers in a fierce battle that combines Tai Chi with other martial arts, ultimately defeating Anthony and his army.

Tai Chi Zero is a visually stunning movie, full of action and humor, and features an impressive cast of martial arts experts. The movie explores the idea of preserving tradition in the face of technological advancements and the importance of maintaining cultural heritage in a rapidly changing world. It also portrays the power of martial arts to unite people and stand up against oppression. Overall, Tai Chi Zero is an entertaining and thought-provoking movie that appeals to both martial arts enthusiasts and general audiences alike.

Tai Chi Zero is a Action, Drama movie released in 2012. It has a runtime of 99 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0. It also holds a MetaScore of 52.

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