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Syrup is a darkly comedic film that explores the cutthroat world of marketing and advertising. Based on the novel of the same name by Max Barry, Syrup follows the rise of a young marketing executive named Scat (played by Shiloh Fernandez), who has a breakthrough idea for a soft drink called "Fukk." With the help of his seductive coworker 6 (Amber Heard) and a sleazy businessman named Sneaky Pete (Kellan Lutz), Scat navigates the shark-infested waters of corporate America in pursuit of his dream. The film begins with Scat working at a struggling advertising agency, where he is stuck in a dead-end job and constantly overshadowed by his more successful coworkers. One day, Scat has a stroke of genius when he comes up with the idea for a bold new soft drink called "Fukk," which he believes will be an instant hit. However, he quickly discovers that getting his idea off the ground will require more than just a great concept. He needs money, resources, and most importantly, the right people to help him sell his idea. Enter 6, a mysterious and seductive coworker who quickly becomes Scat's partner in crime. Despite her lack of experience in the advertising world, 6 proves to be a savvy and driven collaborator, and the two of them begin to work together in secret to develop the Fukk brand. However, their plans hit a snag when they realize that their agency's CEO, Sneaky Pete, has stolen their idea and is planning to launch a competing soft drink called "Swagger." Undeterred, Scat and 6 decide to take matters into their own hands and launch their own campaign to promote Fukk. However, their unconventional marketing tactics and aggressive sales pitch put them at odds with Sneaky Pete and his team of ruthless executives. As the competition heats up, Scat and 6 find themselves caught in a high-stakes game of corporate warfare, with the future of their careers and their relationship hanging in the balance. Overall, Syrup is a visually striking and cleverly written film that offers a biting critique of the cutthroat world of advertising. The chemistry between the leads is palpable, with Fernandez and Heard delivering witty performances as two young professionals who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, Lutz brings a touch of sleaze and humor to his role as the morally bankrupt Sneaky Pete, making him the perfect foil for Scat and 6's idealism. Director Aram Rappaport infuses the film with a stylish, glossy aesthetic that perfectly captures the fake and superficial world of advertising. The vibrant colors, quirky camera angles, and trippy editing all serve to enhance the film's satirical tone, making it a must-see for anyone interested in the darker side of marketing. In conclusion, Syrup is a smart, stylish, and darkly comedic film that offers a unique and insightful look into the world of advertising. With its sharp writing, strong performances, and visually striking presentation, it is sure to delight fans of both comedy and satire.

Syrup is a Drama, Comedy movie released in 2012. It has a runtime of 90. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.6..

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Aram Rappaport
Amber Heard, Shiloh Fernandez, Kellan Lutz
Also directed by Aram Rappaport
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