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"Something the Lord Made" is a remarkable biographical film from 2004 that highlights a powerful tale of conviction, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of medical excellence. This captivating movie was helmed by Joseph Sargent as the director and starred Cliff McMullen in a key role, alongside Yasiin Bey and Luray Cooper, each contributing to the narrative with profound performances.

The narrative is rooted in the mid 20th century and spins around two compelling characters: Dr. Alfred Blalock (Alan Rickman), a prominent white surgeon, and his talented African American assistant Vivien Thomas (Yasiin Bey). This movie is an exploration of their unlikely pairing and professional journey during a time when racial division played a significant role in every aspect of life in the United States, including the medicinal practice.

The film introduces Vivien Thomas, played deeply by Yasiin Bey, as a high school graduate from Nashville who loses his tuition money in the Great Depression. Instead of going to college, Thomas finds employment as a janitor in Dr. Blalock's lab, where a unique and sometimes volatile professional relationship develops between the two. Vivien's latent potential is discovered by the brilliant surgeon, and he trains Thomas in creating blue baby syndrome laboratory models. Despite living in the days of racial segregation, Vivien Thomas’s intelligence and unyielding determination shine, and he thrives, becoming indispensable to Dr. Blalock.

Alan Rickman delivers a resonating performance as Dr. Alfred Blalock, breathing life into the role of an ambitious, hardworking man, one unfettered by societal norms in recognizing talent and appreciating it. He is a man determined to revolutionize medical science and would stop at nothing to realize his dreams. As Blalock and Thomas face professional trials, their lives becoming intrinsically bound, and the storyline compellingly exhibits the roller-coaster journey of two men determined to make a change.

Complementing Alan Rickman’s performance is Cliff McMullen’s contribution as Dr. Rollins, lending an additional layer to the narrative, while Luray Cooper, in a smaller but critical role, adds to the overall depth of the story. The characters are astoundingly relatable, bringing out the human element in a raw and unaltered manner, making the audience feel connected throughout the journey.

One of the significant highlights of the film is the heart operation performed on a young, blue baby. The surgery scene is poised to grip the audience with its heart-stopping tension and the emotions associated with it. This scene artistically presents a perfect amalgamation of fear, tension, uncertainty, and victory while depicting a pivotal point in medical history - the dawning of modern heart surgery.

"Something the Lord Made" is pervaded by themes of race, class, and the obstacles faced by the duo due to societal norms and prejudice. However, it also beautifully illustrates how shared dedication towards a common goal can traverse through these barriers. It is a testament to the power of persistence, teamwork, and how human spirit can transcend societal constraints. The film poignantly shows how racism clouded the medical community's acceptance of Vivien Thomas's invaluable skills and expertise, even after he proved his mettle.

The film showcases the groundbreaking scientific pursuit towards the solution for the 'blue baby' syndrome, which is a condition affecting infants, restricting them from receiving an adequate oxygen supply. It showcases their journey towards the historic accomplishment that changed the game for pediatric cardiology and set the stage for the future of open heart surgery.

"Something the Lord Made" is a fantastic viewing experience, filled with heart-rending performances and impressive dialogue exchange. The deeply moving script and storyline provides an extraordinary glimpse into a significant part of medical history, revealing the people behind the science and the trials they overcame. It is as much a story about friendship and commitment as it is about science and perseverance.

In a time clouded by divisions, this film stands as an inspiring testament to the extraordinary things that can be achieved when the focus remains solely on the goals and not the differences that divide us. This movie is a timeless tribute to unsung heroes of medicine, their remarkable contributions, and is sure to touch the hearts of all audiences. It is a compelling watch that highlights a neglected figure in the annals of medical history.

Something the Lord Made is a TV Movie, Drama movie released in 2004. It has a runtime of 110 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly positive reviews, with an IMDb score of 8.1..

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