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Slumber is a haunting 2017 supernatural horror film directed by Jonathan Hopkins and written by Richard Hobley and Hopkins. This suspenseful movie stands out particularly for its compelling narrative and comes to life with the performances of Maggie Q, Will Kemp, and Sophia Wiseman. The story revolves around Alice Arnold (Maggie Q), a seasoned sleep disorder specialist who has dedicated her life to the study and treatment of sleep problems. As a child, she suffered a familial sleep paralysis episode which led to her brother's tragic death. This traumatic past event has deeply influenced her personal and professional life, driving her to understand more about the phenomenon that caused her immense loss. Having moved on from her painful past, Alice has become an established professional, addressing an array of sleep disorders and has helped countless patients return to a normal lifestyle. However, Alice's resolve and scientific perseverance are truly tested when she encounters the Morgan family. The patriarch, played by Will Kemp, brings to her attention a puzzling problem that afflicts his entire family. The Morgans suffer from severe sleep disorders that cause nightmares, sleepwalking, and worse. The grave situation becomes increasingly tense as they believe their afflictions are a result of a demonic presence that’s haunting them during their sleep - as if in a perpetual state of nightmares. This diagnosis naturally contradicts Alice’s empirical medical practices, challenging her beliefs and methods. Little do they know, these events are eerily similar to the traumatic episode from Alice's past, compelling her to face her own fears and childhood traumas. As she delves deeper into their case, she gets enveloped in a world of surreal terror and supernatural shadows. At the intersection of medical science and paranormal activity, Slumber unfolds as Alice straddles the world of nightmares and reality with the Morgan family. Adding a layer of complexity to the plot is the youngest of the Morgans, played by Sophia Wiseman. She portrays a little girl plagued with horrifying dreams, causing her to sleepwalk and endanger herself. Alice develops a special bond with her, driven by a sense of urgency and empathy, given her personal past wounds. The question remains, can Alice help this disturbed family before it's too late? Maggie Q's complex portrayal of Alice Arnold breathes life into this compelling narrative. Her ability to handle the scientific aspects of her profession while grappling with her unresolved past enhances the edge-of-the-seat experience. Will Kemp and Sophia Wiseman effectively portray a family at the brink of emotional and mental breakdown, adding an extra layer of fear and tension to the narrative. The director, Jonathan Hopkins, impressively blends elements of horror, thriller, and drama genres within the film’s narrative. Shrouded in a nightmarish allure, the movie keeps the audience on its toes as it unwinds its complicated, scary plots with well-executed jump scares and shadows lurking in the corners. Besides, the film impressively deals with the concept of sleep paralysis – a rarely explored phenomenon in the genre of horror. It offers an engaging mix of science and superstition, taking the viewers through a tumultuous journey of a vulnerable family, guided by a troubled sleep expert to ward off sinister forces. Overall, Slumber is enveloped in the shadows of suspense, terror, and scientific intrigue. The director does a brilliant job of maintaining a creepy atmosphere throughout the film, using effective lighting and background score, making for an engrossing watch. The narrative's exploration and depiction of the terrifying, unexplained episodes of sleep paralysis, visualized as a demonic curse, make the film an interesting blend of mystery and fear. For fans of the supernatural horror genre and those interested in psychological thrillers with a medical twist, Slumber proves to be a gripping narrative that explores the terrifying recesses of sleep disorders and nightmares. It engages viewers in the pursuit of the truth about the dark experiences lurking in the shadows of sleep. With compelling performances and a narrative that balances science and fears, Slumber offers an eerie, atmospheric journey sure to stay with viewers long after the credits roll.

Slumber is a Horror movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 84 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.7..

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Jonathan Hopkins
Maggie Q, Kristen Bush, Sam Troughton, Will Kemp, William Hope, Sylvester McCoy
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