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Shattered, a gripping thriller from 2022, weaves an intricate web centered around themes of obsession, control, and revenge, with an ensemble cast starring Cameron Monaghan, Frank Grillo, Lilly Krug, John Malkovich, and Sasha Luss.

The story kicks off when Chris Decker (Cameron Monaghan), a charming tech billionaire, moves to Montana and gains prominence within the local community. Chris, a charismatic, successful, and seemingly perfect man, finds himself attracted to the beautiful Sky (Lilly Krug). Sky, a young aspirant in the town, drawn to Chris's charm and affluence finds her life intertwining with Chris in more ways than one.

However, as the story unfolds, the seemingly enchanting life of opulence, power, and prestige, spirals into a dark abyss of psychological warfare. The tale of love turns twisted when Sky meets an uncanny accident and is now bound to a wheelchair. The perfect life, the charming man she knew, her very sanctum, slowly turn into a claustrophobic prison.

John Malkovich plays a seasoned cop, John Ryan, who smells something fishy. The astute and sharp Ryan is always one to trust his instincts, and his senses point towards Chris, the town's beloved billionaire. As the plot thickens, the tension scales as Ryan's suspicions clashing with the town's narrative of Chris being the golden boy.

The brilliant performance by Frank Grillo, as Sky's estranged father, plunges into the messy entanglement. His cunning, yet caring persona adds another layer of complexity to the story. A father's love for his daughter pushes him into the incredibly sinister plot that's slowly unraveling.

Sasha Luss plays a crucial role that brings a surprising twist in the narrative. Her character, entwined with the lives of the central characters, becomes pivotal as the plot progresses and is performed brilliantly.

The portrayal of a near-future setting contributes to the allure of the film. The 'tech-billionaire' and 'smart house' aspects of Shattered paint a picture of a close future that's advanced yet not untenable. This backdrop of technological prowess breeds an environment of suspense that enhances the modern noir feel of the film.

Themes of obsession, manipulation, and control are explored in-depth, giving you a psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The story’s bizarre turns aided by the enigmatic performances of the cast, elicits feelings of unease, suspense, and curiosity.

Through the protagonist’s manipulative and obsessive tendencies displayed in the film, Shattered brings to the fore the dark side of control, sketching a sinister realism against the backdrop of a seemingly idyllic life. Monaghan demonstrates his acting prowess with his unnerving projection of unpredictability. The performances by Krug, Malkovich, Luss, and Grillo, each lend a unique depth to the story, making it a complex and enthralling viewing experience.

The film’s cinematography treats viewers to the scenic landscapes of Montana, providing viewers with a visual pleasure amidst the tension-filled narrative. Yet, the beauty of the physical elements contrast the insidious undercurrent that runs within the lives of the characters. The beautiful scenery serves as an ironic backdrop for the heart-stopping sequences that occur within the confines of the smart house and throughout the city.

This thrilling narrative is accompanied by a powerful score that intensifies the suspense, lending to an immersive viewing experience. The score often underlines the more sinister elements of the story, evoking a chilling sense of dread and anticipation that keeps the viewers hooked.

In a nutshell, Shattered is a captivating thriller, balanced masterfully between the art of suspense and the craft of storytelling. The performances by the ensemble cast draw you into a world where the ostentatively perfect life is hiding a web of deceit and manipulation. The mix of psychological elements, coupled with stunning visuals, makes Shattered a must-watch for those who love tension-filled narratives that explore the dark undercurrents of human psychology.

Shattered is a Thriller movie released in 2022. It has a runtime of 92 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it no reviews, with an IMDb score of 0.0..

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Luis Prieto
Cameron Monaghan, Frank Grillo, Lilly Krug, John Malkovich, Sasha Luss
Also directed by Luis Prieto
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