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Saturday the 14th, released in 1981, is a comedy-horror film that meshes the supernatural with domestic charm to create a unique blend of frightful laughs and goofy spectral encounters. This eccentric film, directed by Howard R. Cohen and produced by Julie Corman, stars Richard Benjamin, Paula Prentiss, and Jeffrey Tambor amongst other notable casts, inducing a quirky flavor to it, which served an unconventional yet entertaining take on conventional horror movie tropes.

The story begins with a seemingly average family – the Hyatts, moving into an antiquated house they've inherited from a deceased eccentric uncle. The house conceals a collection of bizarre and captivating traits: dark and dusty hidden rooms, peculiar shadows, inexplicable noises, and an artifact- a mysterious and ominous book. The central protagonist, Billy (Kevin Brando), stumbles upon this strange book entitled, "The Book of Evil." The young lad, against the scribbled clear warning written on the book cover, unfolds the enchanting mysteries it holds, thereby unknowingly loosing a collection of monstrous beings that had been confined to its pages.

The Hyatt parents, John (Richard Benjamin) and Mary (Paula Prentiss), carry an interesting dynamic. John is a skeptical reporter, and Mary is a stay-at-home mom. Together with their children Billy and Debbie (Kari Michaelsen), they initially dismiss the unusual incidents happening around them, attributing them to the house's ancient elegance. They soon find out that their abode is far from ordinary and they're amidst an onslaught of horrors that were released when Billy opened the book.

As the Hyatt family comes to terms with their bizarre reality, we're introduced to a quirky antagonist. This role is donned by Jeffrey Tambor, who portrays a vampire named Waldemar. Claiming to be a distant relative of the Hyatts, Waldemar is seeking the Book of Evil. He believes that the book, once in his possession, would enable him to transform the world into eternal nocturne, a haven for the spooky beings.

The movie romps through amusing terror-filled situations as the family faces off against an array of various bizarre creatures ranging from vampires, werewolves to even prehistoric predators, each more entertaining than the last. Throughout the storyline, you can expect a generous amount of slapstick humor and ironic references to popular horror flicks with a classic 80s charm.

While the movie Saturday the 14th fits squarely into the horror-comedy genre, the movie is a wickedly delightful parody of traditional horror movies. Though the budget limitations the movie faced are evident, the spent is well-managed into making a satirical and entertaining ride without being grotesque or overly scary, making it suitable for a younger audience and for those who enjoy light-hearted spooks combined with comedy.

The family members' individual encounters with these fantastical beings and their subsequent reactions are infused with humor and wit, providing plenty of belly laughs throughout. Meanwhile, they uniformly decide to fight against the terror wreaking havoc in their home by developing a strategy of their own. Here, the film surpasses mere horror parody, incorporating elements of action and adventure, making it an interesting go-to watch not only for horror enthusiasts but also for those enchanted by the charm of old-fashioned adventure against malevolent forces.

Overall, Saturday the 14th from 1981 is a family-oriented horror-comedy hybrid that delivers an undeniably unique blend of the supernatural meeting the everyday. Adding a comedic spin to the horror genre’s standard tropes, the movie offers a blend of quirky humor and eerie mythology. Not only does it give seasoned horror fans plenty to chew on, but its light-hearted and self-mocking tone also appeals to a broader audience looking for some spooky fun without full-blown terror. The performances of Richard Benjamin, Paula Prentiss, and Jeffrey Tambor add depth to their character, making this eccentric cinematic venture shine out as an 80's gem not to be missed.

Saturday the 14th is a Comedy, Fantasy, Horror movie released in 1981. It has a runtime of 75 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 13.

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Howard R. Cohen
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Also directed by Howard R. Cohen
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