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Revenge of the Electric Car is a sensational and thought-provoking documentary that seeks to unravel the cutting-edge innovations, intriguing competition, and the relentless drive behind the resurgence of automobiles powered by electric energy. The 2011 feature is directed by Chris Paine, who also directed "Who Killed the Electric Car", a film showcasing the controversial termination of electric vehicle production by various auto-industry giants.

The documentary features a rich and unique cast of industry pioneers, made up of legendary car manufacturers and celebrities with an interest in sustainable energy, including Tim Robbins, Dan Neil, and Danny DeVito. Robbins, a versatile actor, delivers the masterful narration which aids in the storytelling process of the documentary. Danny DeVito brings his renowned wit and engaging character to bear, while Dan Neil, an award-winning automotive columnist, provides expert insights into the world of electric vehicles.

Revenge of the Electric Car takes the viewers through a thrilling narrative trajectory of the disruption and resurrection of the electric automobile industry. The film encompasses behind-the-scenes insights into the hectic, hyper-competitive world of car companies, brilliantly illustrating the dedication, commitment, and passion required to produce a viable, market-ready electric car. Paine interviews influential executives from multinational car companies and scrutinizes their efforts to deliver an electric car into the mass market.

The narrative style of the film is similar to a thriller, with high stakes for the automotive industry worldwide. There is tension, suspense, and a race against time as companies strive for landmark innovations. The documentary takes us right to the heart of three globally recognized companies, General Motors, Nissan, and Tesla, capturing their fierce competition and relentless attempts to outpace each other in the market.

Famous and influential figures such as Bob Lutz of General Motors, Elon Musk of Tesla, and Carlos Ghosn of Nissan, are pivotal characters in the narrative. Elon Musk, whose vision and drive has made Tesla's name synonymous with electric cars, adds intrigue and hubris to the storyline. On the other hand, Bob Lutz of General Motors, once a skeptic of electric cars, becomes a forceful advocate for them. Carlos Ghosn brings speed and aggression into the storyline, showing Nissan's vigorous attempts to lead the industry.

The documentary also spotlights the grassroots level innovation in the electric vehicle industry. It highlights Greg "Gadget" Abbott, who, against all odds and without the resources of these major companies, attempts to fabricate electric vehicles in his own backyard. This side story offers an alternative viewpoint to that of the major car producers and showcases the power of individual ambition and inventiveness.

Paine expertly guides the viewer through the trials, tribulations, defeats, and victories of these characters, capturing their determination, passion, and need for speed in their quest. The documentary traverses the challenging realities and potential promise of a world populated by electric cars. It is a story about the resurgence of an idea that many believed and hoped for, the idea of clean, sustainable, electrically powered vehicles.

One of the documentary’s key strengths lies in its unbiased narrative. It neither demonizes nor exalts electric vehicles. Instead, it presents a balanced view, demonstrating the pros and cons, commercial viability, the challenges of infrastructure, and the social and environmental implications. Revenge of The Electric Car grants the viewer a front-row seat to the ebb and flow of the most significant transportation overhaul in more than a century.

The documentary ends on a hopeful note about the future of electric vehicles. With increasing societal and governmental pressure to find cleaner, sustainable, and less oil-dependent modes of transportation, the role of electric cars becomes pivotal. This film is an inspiring chronicle of how innovation, tenacity, and a bit of rivalry can potentially propel the automotive industry towards a future dominated by electric cars.

In essence, Revenge of the Electric Car takes viewers on an exciting and educational journey through the past, present, and potential future of the electric car industry. This critically acclaimed documentary promises to be an eye-opener for those unaware of the intricacy and excitement within the emergence of an industry that holds great promise for transformative change, environmentally, economically, and technologically.

Revenge of the Electric Car is a Documentary movie released in 2011. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.1. It also holds a MetaScore of 63.

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