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Quiet Hour is a gripping post-apocalyptic science fiction drama that debuted in 2014, presenting a rising tension between human survival and alien invasion. The story is set in a small English countryside community and is immersed in a battle for survival amidst a global alien invasion. The movie successfully combines elements of sci-fi, drama, and thriller genres to deliver an emotional gravitas that hinges on humanity's fight for survival.

In the lead role, we find Dakota Blue Richards giving a powerful performance as Sarah, a determined young woman who is among the few survivors of an alien invasion. Left alone after the sudden disappearance of her brother, she faces the daunting struggle of survival in a world that has been reshaped by catastrophe. She is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her home and her land, displaying immense courage and resilience throughout the narrative.

Sarah's personal ordeal is not the only focus of the story. The narrative also encapsulates the broader aftermath of the invasion. The aliens' presence imposes a disruptive phenomenon known as 'the quiet hour', a daily period where their activities cease, offering both a reprieve and a time window for humans to gather supplies, communicate, and carry out other necessary activities without fear of abduction or attack.

Sarah's seemingly solitary journey takes a turn when she crosses paths with Jude, a laconic wanderer portrayed by Karl Davies. Their reluctant partnership and growing bond form a significant aspect of the movie, adding a dash of complex human emotions and dynamics to the narrative. Jude's arrival not only disrupts Sarah’s peace but also introduces new possibilities for both of them to survive.

The character of Tom, Sarah's missing brother, is enigmatically played by Jack McMullen. His character adds to the mystery and maintains the suspense in the unfolding narrative. Despite his absence, his character hovers as a powerful presence in both the plot and Sarah's psychological landscape, encouraging her to find the strength to carry on.

Quiet Hour is an exploration of the darker and brighter sides of human nature when faced with the most dire of circumstances. Here, the alien invasion functions as a backdrop to emphasize the interpersonal relationships, contradictions and the innate urge of survival in the characters. Despite the aliens’ menacing presence, this film focuses not on the extraterrestrial visitors themselves, but the people struggling to make sense of their new reality.

The film is commendable for its visual story-telling. The eerie quietness and the minimal soundscape provide a unique cinematic experience that reflects the title of the movie. The hauntingly beautiful cinematography captures the desolate, yet stunningly picturesque landscapes of the English countryside, creating a stark contrast with the grim reality of an alien invasion.

One cannot help but praise Richards for her outstanding performance. Her portrayal of courage and hope amidst the crisis is compelling, as is her chemistry with Davies. Davies too holds his own, offering a nuanced and solid performance as a weary traveler eking out an existence in an alien-infested world. McMullen's role, despite being off-camera, also leaves a significant impact on the narrative and the fate of the characters.

In summary, Quiet Hour is a journey through an alien-invaded world, where the essence of humanity is tested and resilience is rewarded. It is a story of sorrow and hope, of adapting and surviving. Director Stéphanie Joalland achieves an intimate exploration of humanity that reminds us of the strength and adaptability of the human spirit, even in the harshest circumstances. This movie is an intriguing blend of sci-fi, drama, and suspense that promises an engaging, thought-provoking experience.

Quiet Hour is a Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 85. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.6..

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