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Porndemic is a gripping, gritty, and often uncomfortable documentary feature, directed by award-winning filmmaker, Brendan Walsh. Released in 2018, the film features an ensemble cast including Michael Louis Albo, Brooke Ashley, and Robert Bazell. It offers a candid glance into the pornography industry, but with a specific focus on its darker, rarely discussed shadows - the significant health risks that the talent are exposed to in the course of their work and their struggle with the deadly outbreak of HIV that hit the industry in the late 1990s. Porndemic takes audiences on a journey behind the scenes, revealing not just the allure and glitz that are often associated with the adult film industry, but also the industry’s inherent vulnerabilities. Michael Louis Albo's gripping narration serially pulls the veil back, unveiling the hidden stories behind the adult entertainment industry's glittery exterior. One of the movie's prominent figures, Brooke Ashley, was a 90s porn star who contracted HIV while working in the industry. Ashley's harrowing personal story forms a central narrative, and her dialogue with viewers is candid, disheartening, and eye-opening. She illuminates the struggle of many porn actors who, like her, became HIV positive due to the negligence and oversight that seemed to be quite rampant. Another remarkable character in the documentary is Robert Bazell, an experienced science and health journalist. He provides firsthand insight and expert analysis of the systemic issues that are deeply rooted in the industry, which countlessly put the lives of the actors at risk and led to the HIV crisis. The documentary utilizes a potent blend of interviews, archival footage, and investigative journalism. It uncovers the 1998 HIV debacle that had severe implications on the economical, physical, and psychological wellbeing of actors involved in the industry. Porndemic also attempts to shed light on the contrast between public perceptions of the adult entertainment industry and the stark reality navigated by the people working within it. Walsh's storytelling courageously breaks various taboos surrounding the adult film industry, focusing not on the glamour and the fantasy, but on the harsh realities of those involved in it. He unveils the industry as an active participant in perpetuating an environment of risk and uncertainty, exposing performers to extreme health risks. The film uses additional ingredients of intrigue involving cover-ups, denial, and displacement that further accentuate its gripping narrative. While it explores the 1998 HIV epidemic, the film also dwells on the changes adopted by the industry following this crisis. It analyzes how attitudes towards health and safety were transformed, exposing search for vulnerabilities, and the loopholes that still exist. Despite its serious subject matter and uncomfortable revelations, Porndemic is a humane story that focuses on the lives and experiences of the actors behind the characters they portray. It provides them a platform to voice perspectives and experiences seldom heard or deliberately undermined within mainstream conversations, thus echoing a call for change. Overall, Porndemic serves as an eye-opening reality check and an unfiltered examination of an aspect of society that is generally overlooked. Its gritty exploration of the dangers lurking behind the scenes of the adult film industry, the silence around those dangers, and the urgent need for safety reforms make it a must-watch for those seeking insights into the otherwise secretive industry. It speaks to the need for humanity and dignity in every line of work. As such, the movie goes beyond the realm of simple entertainment, entering the space of social discourse and presenting the darker underbelly of glamour and allure. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted but surely for those seeking the truth about the unseen stories behind the layers of the adult entertainment industry.

Porndemic is a Documentary movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 92. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.3..

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