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Plata Quemada, known as Burnt Money in English, is an Argentinian film released in the year 2000. Directed by Marcelo Piñeyro and written by Marcelo Piñeyro and Marcelo Figueras, this remarkable film is based on Ricardo Piglia's novel. The novel, in turn, draws inspiration from the real-life events surrounding a notorious bank robbery that took place in Buenos Aires in the 1960s, proving once again how truth can often be stranger, and more thrilling, than fiction. This heist-thriller, interspersed with elements of love, passion, crime, and betrayal, forms a crucial part in the cannon of Argentinian cinema and Latin American cinema more broadly.

The film stars Eduardo Noriega, Leonardo Sbaraglia, and Pablo Echarri, who deliver captivating performances making Plata Quemada an engaging watch for the audience. Noriega plays Nene, who is the heart and soul of the plot, around whom the major events of the film cascade and crucial character arcs unfold. The lives of these three central characters become irrevocably intertwined with their participation in the infamous heist, altering their destinies forever.

A prominent feature of the film is its exploration of LGBTQ+ themes, a rarity in crime and action genres. The relationship between Nene and Angel, another character in the story, is portrayed in a nuanced manner, capturing the raw emotions and vulnerability of their relationship against the harsh backdrop of their criminal undertakings. Their relationship deepens as they navigate fraught dynamics and the mounting tensions associated with the high-stakes heist, contributing a significant emotional undertone to an otherwise action-packed narrative.

Plata Quemada begins with an adrenaline-pumping heist scene, masterfully setting the pace for the rest of the film. The heist not only infuses action but also lays the groundwork for a thoughtful exploration of the dynamics between the characters, their motivations, and their eventual downfall, all woven seamlessly into the narrative. As the plot unfolds, the characters find themselves entangled in a web of violence, crime, and unlikely alliances, taking the viewer on a gripping journey packed with suspense and intrigue.

As a film, Plata Quemada emphasizes a lot on characters, their interactions, and their psychological underpinnings. This isn't just a straightforward action-heist movie, but a character-driven drama as well, where relationships play as much a part as the crimes being committed. As a result, the audience gets an in-depth look into the minds of the characters, understanding what drives them toward crime and what keeps them attached despite the repercussions.

The performances by the lead actors in Plata Quemada are noteworthy. Eduardo Noriega's portrayal of Nene is riveting; he effectively conveys Nene's complex emotional range, bringing authenticity to this flawed yet engaging character. Leonardo Sbaraglia, who plays Angel, complements Noriega’s performance admirably. Their on-screen chemistry forms the crux of the narrative, creating a poignant canvas on which the gritty tale of crime and betrayal is painted. Pablo Echarri, in his role, brings a different pace and complexity to the narrative, adding another dimension to the story.

An important factor that significantly enhances the film is its stylistic choices. The cinematography brilliantly captures the intensity of the narrative while sublimely articulating the emotional subtleties of its characters. Furthermore, the carefully chosen soundtrack punctuates pivotal moments in the film, enhancing the mood and amplifying the emotional resonance of the narrative.

As much as it is a riveting crime thriller, Plata Quemada is also a story of love, loss, and sacrifice. It offers a fresh perspective on the interplay of crime and romance, marking it as a unique cinematic endeavour. Through its breathtaking storytelling, well-written characters, and impressive performances by its lead actors, the movie creates an unforgettable viewing experience. With its exciting blend of action, drama, and romance, Plata Quemada remains an important entry in the annals of Argentinian cinema, captivating audiences with its unique spin on the heist movie formula. It's a film that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from the very first frame and doesn't let go until the final credits roll, making for an engrossing cinematic journey.

Plata Quemada is a Romance, Crime movie released in 2000. It has a runtime of 125 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.0. It also holds a MetaScore of 68.

Marcelo Piñeyro
Eduardo Noriega, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Pablo Echarri
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