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Normal Life is a captivating crime drama film directed by John McNaughton and written by Peg Haller and Bob Schneider. The movie premiered in 1996 and features Ashley Judd, Luke Perry and Bruce A. Young in lead roles. The movie centers around the life of Chris Anderson (Luke Perry), a police officer who is fed up with his life and career. He feels stuck in a monotonous and unfulfilling job, and despises the hypocrisy he encounters within the force. Chris meets and falls in love with the beautiful and young ex-con, Pam Anderson (Ashley Judd). Pam is recently released from prison for stealing cosmetics from a store, and as she tries to transition back to her normal life, she finds it hard to keep a steady job due to her felony record. Chris and Pam start living together, and it becomes apparent that their outlook on life and expectations from each other are very different. Pam wants a life filled with excitement, money and material possessions, while Chris just wants to retire early and lead a peaceful life somewhere in the country. Pam soon encourages Chris to start robbing banks with her to fulfill her financial desires. Chris reluctantly agrees, and they both begin a crime spree that leads to dangerous and unforeseen consequences. As the pair continues to rob banks and elude the law, their behaviors become more erratic and unpredictable. The couple's relationship becomes strained as Chris tries to balance his life as a police officer with his criminal adventures with Pam. Bruce A. Young plays Sergeant Bill Bowman, Chris's co-worker and friend, who becomes increasingly suspicious of his colleague's frequent absences. Bowman's suspicions are heightened after a botched bank robbery leads to a manhunt that leads them straight to Chris and Pam's doorsteps. Normal Life is a remarkable film with a gripping storyline that keeps the audience engaged throughout its entirety. The movie highlights the challenges of life after prison for ex-convicts, as well as the impact of long-standing financial struggles on an individual's decision-making. The movie's themes of love, crime, and desperation make it an intense and thought-provoking watch. Ashley Judd and Luke Perry both deliver excellent performances that portray the complexity and vulnerability of their characters. In conclusion, Normal Life is an excellent movie that explores the human psyche and its vulnerability to crime, desperation, and love. It is a film that is guaranteed to keep you hooked and thinking long after the credits have rolled.

Normal Life is a Crime, Drama movie released in 1996. It has a runtime of 101 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.2..

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John McNaughton
Ashley Judd, Luke Perry, Bruce A. Young, Jim True-Frost, Kate Walsh, Tom Towles
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