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Never Cry Werewolf is a captivating teen horror movie directed by Brenton Spencer in 2008. The film stars a fresh-faced Nina Dobrev – an actress who later finds fame as Elena Gilbert in the hit television series The Vampire Diaries, amongst a roster of skilled actors including Kevin Sorbo and Peter Stebbings. The movie synthesizes aspects of the thriller and supernatural genres, providing an eerie blend of suspense, excitement, and fantasy that is both entertaining and chilling for the audience.

In terms of the plot, Never Cry Werewolf spins a tale that feels familiar, yet refreshing. The narrative balances the dynamics of familiar norms of teenage life with the chilling harshness of a supernatural realm, creating an enjoyable blend of reality and fantasy. The protagonists are faced with ordinary issues such as dealing with new neighbours and high school, but are also thrown into having to navigate the dangerous world of werewolves.

Nina Dobrev plays the character Loren Hansett, a vivacious and clever teenager who anchors the movie with a grounded performance that keeps the audience engaged. Her initial naïveté and lingering innocence make her quest to reveal the truth behind her mysterious neighbour all the more compelling, as the audience joins her in navigating the thrilling landscape of fear and distrust.

Kevin Sorbo gives an equally remarkable performance as the enigmatic new neighbour, Jared Martin. He brings an undercurrent of menace and mystery to the role, masterfully illustrating his character’s dual nature with his expressions and demeanour. Sorbo's performance keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, their curiosity piqued by the mystery surrounding Martin, while also instilling a feeling of dread as the plot unfolds.

Peter Stebbings further lends an air of authenticity and urgency to the movie by portraying Redd Tucker, a televised hunter who seems to be the only person believing and supporting Loren in her quest. These three main characters meticulously blend their interwoven roles into a tapestry of suspense, horror, and drama, which form the crux of the film.

As the story unfurls, Loren's suspicion about Jared Martin grows. With each passing scene, we are drawn deeper into a web of uncertainty, and the distinction between friend and foe becomes blurrier. The film's pacing and progression keep the viewers hooked and yearning for more, right up to the climax, where the mythos of the werewolf and the harsh reality of Loren's world collide in a thrilling revelation.

Fans of supernatural thrillers will be intrigued by the movie's judicious use of horror elements. The werewolf theme is not overplayed — instead, it is woven subtly into the storyline, creating a sense of apprehension and unease instead of resorting to cheap jump-scares. The film does an excellent job in foregrounding the psychological terror that runs simultaneously with the literal horror, making for a nail-biting viewing experience.

In addition, the film does not entirely rely on the supernatural plot to derive its essence. At the heart of Never Cry Werewolf is a story about growing up, about a young girl's determination to protect her family, and about the ordeal of change - echoing a coming-of-age drama that balances the underlying horror.

The cinematic techniques employed in the film are noteworthy. The filmmakers use foreshadowing and symbolism to keep viewers engaged, while the ominous music score coupled with creative camera work helps build an atmosphere of impending doom.

In terms of the visual aesthetic, the film brilliantly captures a small-town setting tinged with an air of unease and uncertainty. Despite its low-budget production, the movie does not compromise on visuals or visual effects. The scenes are well-shot and effective in creating a looming sense of dread integral to the plot.

In conclusion, Never Cry Werewolf is a compelling watch for any horror and supernatural movie aficionado. The riveting blend of horror elements with a relatable story of a young girl caught up in a world beyond her understanding makes it a standout in the genre. Portrayed convincingly by a talented cast, this film is a thrilling ride of suspense and revelation, of the all too real horror that merges with the fantastical, creating an unforgettable viewing experience. Never Cry Werewolf effectively redefines the classic werewolf narrative, making it a must-watch for horror movie enthusiasts.

Never Cry Werewolf is a Horror movie released in 2008. It has a runtime of 87. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.6..

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