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National Lampoon's Senior Trip is a comedy film that was released in 1995 and features Matt Frewer, Valerie Mahaffey, and Lawrence Dane in starring roles. It was directed by Kelly Makin and written by Roger Kumble and I. Marlene King. The movie brings to the screen a colourful cast of unforgettable characters and manages to offer a unique blend of humor and adventure that can be shared with friends and family.

The story revolves around a group of rebellious high school seniors at Fairmount High School. Among them are stoner Mark 'Dags' D'Agostino, nerd Miosky, student body president Steve Nisser, and the school's delinquent, Reggie Barry. Each character is well-developed and they all have their unique quirks and flaws, which adds depth to their roles and exhibits the diversity found in a typical high school environment. Matt Frewer plays Principal Todd Moss, a man desperate for some respect from his students but unfortunately, only farce ensues.

After writing a letter to the President of the United States expressing frustrations about the educational system and his students' behavior, Principal Moss gets a surprising reply. The President appreciates his honesty and invites the students to Washington D.C. to discuss the future of education in America. Seeing this as an opportunity to prove his worth and the potential of his students, Principal Moss takes on the daunting task of escorting the seniors on the trip.

Along for the ride is the school bus driver, the eccentric and somewhat unstable Miss Tracy Milford, played by Valerie Mahaffey. Their journey to Washington turns into a series of mishaps and wild adventures, all while navigating the often confusing and difficult transition from teenage years to adulthood.

The playful screenplay written by Roger Kumble and I. Marlene King sets the stage for a hilariously chaotic and wild adventure full of uncanny scenarios and comedic dialogue. The writing effectively uses satire to address real-world issues about America's educational system and teenage angst.

The performances in the film are another highlight. Matt Frewer skillfully portrays an overworked and ridiculed principal who is trying to make a difference in his misfit students' lives. Valerie Mahaffey’s depiction of the zany school bus driver is both endearing and funny. The young actors that make up the group of students deliver performances that are enjoyable, making their characters both believable and relatable.

Lawrence Dane’s role as Senator John Lerman adds another layer to the story when the students, Principal Moss, and Miss Milford coincidentally cross paths with him. His portrayal of a cutthroat politician gives a humorous insight into American politics, which ties in well with the film's overall narrative. Dane brings a comic edge to his role, contributing to the overall chaotic and hilarious atmosphere of the film.

One of the standout features of National Lampoon’s Senior Trip is the soundtrack, which effectively captures the spirit of the mid-90s era. The movie’s music, composed by Steve Bartek, melds well with the film’s scenes, adding to its comedic tone and often serving as a pacing tool for the storyline.

The film's setting also adds to its comedic impact. The road trip exposes the students to various environments ranging from the heart of a bustling city to the serenity of rural America, helping to set up a host of comic situations. Furthermore, the unique production design makes the transition from the students' usual school premises to the majestic and imposing buildings of Washington, D.C an engaging visual experience.

National Lampoon's Senior Trip represents the spirit of the teenage comedy genre of the mid-90s. Despite its focus on comedy, the film gives room to meaningful themes about education, teenage rebellion, and the struggles of growing up, making the film both entertaining and insightful. Every character, every scene, and every line in this film harmoniously combines to create an unexpectedly witty and engaging comedy that can be enjoyed by all movie-goers seeking a hilarious and light-hearted cinema experience.

National Lampoon's Senior Trip is a Comedy movie released in 1995. It has a runtime of 91 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.6..

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