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Michael Jackson: Life, Death and Legacy from 2012 is a profound and touching exploration of the incredible life and musical career of the iconic global superstar, Michael Jackson. This powerful documentary offers an intimate look into Michael Jackson's rise to fame, his immense talent, and his private life, as well as the controversy surrounding his death. The documentary is an indepth narrative surrounding the King of Pop and it manages to keep the audience riveted throughout its runtime.

From his early days with The Jackson 5 to his incredible solo career, this documentary showcases the unparalleled musical journey of Michael Jackson. The documentary delves into the personal struggles Jackson faced, including his evolving physical appearance, the accusations levelled against him, his relationship with his family, and the challenges of global fame. Despite the huge success he had achieved, we see the human side of Jackson, and the struggles he experienced, which ultimately served to inspire much of his music.

Susan Etok, Paul Gambaccini, and Uri Geller play a key role in the unfolding narrative. The input of these three individuals helps to provide an objective view of Michael Jackson's life and career. They provide personal insight into Michael Jackson's personal life, giving the audience a unique perspective that is often ignored in other films and documentaries. Their first-hand experiences and accounts enliven the narrative, allowing the audience to experience a more intimate understanding of Michael Jackson.

Susan Etok, a personal friend of Michael Jackson, shares some heart-breaking stories about the singer. Each story is told with sincere compassion, showing how genuine her friendship was with the King of Pop. Paul Gambaccini, a longtime music journalist, provides unbiased and insightful commentary on Michael's career, drawing from decades of professional experience. Gambaccini’s contribution to the film allows for a first-hand objective look at Michael Jackson's incredible career, giving us the factual side of the story.

Uri Geller, a personal friend of Jackson's and a well-known television personality, shares his personal experiences with the late pop star. He paints an intimate picture of Michael Jackson that is both fascinating and moving. Geller's stories about his friendship bring an additional layer of depth to the narrative, giving viewers a glimpse into Jackson's life from the perspective of someone close to him.

The film masterfully juxtaposes interviews, music video clips, concert footage, and news reports to showcase the magnitude of Michael Jackson's cultural impact. It is a well-paced, neatly edited documentary that leaves the audience captivated from beginning to end.

A key aspect of the film is its exploration of the controversy surrounding Jackson's death. Without taking sides or sensationalizing the tragic circumstances, the film offers a sober, well-documented account of the events leading up to and following his untimely departure. It's here that the film's title, "Life, Death, and Legacy," really comes into play, providing viewers with a comprehensive view of Jackson's story.

The documentary is not just a tribute, but a comprehensive exploration of the King of Pop's life and legacy. It’s a must-watch for fans who want to understand the real person behind the superstar persona. It has been made with absolute integrity and an attempt to separate fact from fiction. For those unfamiliar with Michael Jackson's world, it will provide a revealing and fascinating introduction.

In conclusion, Michael Jackson: Life, Death, and Legacy is a sensitive and engrossing documentary that beautifully captures the icon's journey through life and his impact on popular music and global culture. This film, through a meticulous blend of first-hand accounts, expert commentary, and archival footage, honors the legacy of the King of Pop while also examining his personal struggles and the controversies that shadowed his life. It's an intimate, revealing, and deeply moving tribute to a man whose music and spirit continue to mesmerize fans worldwide.

Michael Jackson: Life, Death and Legacy is a Documentary movie released in 2012. It has a runtime of 74 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.3..

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