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Meatballs III: Summer Job is a 1986 comedy film that serves as the third installment in the Meatballs film series. This delightful summer romp stars Sally Kellerman, a young Patrick Dempsey and Al Waxman with a script penned by Bradley Kesden and directed by George Mendeluk. This comical piece of cinema revolves around the character of Rudy Gerner, portrayed by Patrick Dempsey, who became the protagonist of the franchise after the departure of Bill Murray's memorable character, Tripper Harrison, from the series. However, the film still maintains its signature blend of lighthearted comedy, summer romance, and the nostalgic ambiance of a summer job. Rudy Gerner is an awkward, innocent teenager who has just graduated high school. Hoping to earn money over the summer, he is willing to take on just about any job. He ends up working at a run-down local marina owned by Mean Gene (played by Al Waxman), attempting to save enough money to buy a car he's had his eye on. At the marina, he seems to get stuck with the least desirable tasks, adding to the comedic scenarios that unfold throughout the movie. Dempsey's character is set to have an extraordinary summer as the spirit of a recently deceased porn star, Roxy Doujor (played by Sally Kellerman), decides to help him lose his virginity. Doujor has been barred from entering Heaven until she performs a good deed. She decides to aid Rudy in his quest to achieve the eventful milestone. Mirroring the original movies' comedic arc, Meatballs III: Summer Job is a unique blend of teen comedy with a surprising fantastical element. Roxy’s ghostly presence adds an unexpected but hilarious twist to the narrative. The film cleverly exploits this paranormal angle for laughs and gags throughout, ensuring an exceptional and memorable summer for Rudy. One of the standout performances in the movie comes from Sally Kellerman. As the ghostly Roxy, she effortlessly strikes a balance between her character's lurid past and her transformed role as a guardian spirit. Paired with Dempsey's boyish charm and the unique predicament in which his character finds himself, they develop an unusual but surprisingly heartwarming camaraderie. Meatballs III: Summer Job also features Al Waxman as Mean Gene, the cantankerous owner of the marina where Rudy works. Waxman delivers a humorous performance of a grumpy boss, contributing to the classic atmosphere of teenage summer jobs that is central to the film. The supporting cast, including Shannon Tweed, Isabelle Mejias, and Maury Chaykin, brings added depth and humor, each character memorable in their own right. The misadventures at the marina introduce a series of eccentric characters, each contributing to the hilarity that ensues. While Dempsey’s Rudy is the heart of the narrative, it's really the ensemble that brings the charm to the screen – whether it's the zany marina customers, moody coworkers, or bizarre local residents. Each character adds to the feel-good, easy-going tone that defines the Meatballs franchise. Director George Mendeluk, best known for his television work, takes a fresh approach to the franchise, seamlessly blending elements of romantic comedy, teen film, and even some supernatural elements. Though different from its predecessors, the film maintains the heart and humor that won the series its fanbase. In essence, Meatballs III: Summer Job is a fun-filled, comedic summer adventure that followed the well-trodden path of its predecessors. Its mix of engaging characters, wacky scenarios, and an overall emphasis on the trials and tribulations of teenage summer employment, wrapped up in a twist of supernatural hilarity, makes it a standout addition to the beloved franchise. For lovers of 80s cinema and lighthearted comedies, it's an enjoyable romp through one unforgettable summer job.

Meatballs III: Summer Job is a Comedy movie released in 1987. It has a runtime of 96 min. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.4..

George Mendeluk
Sally Kellerman, Patrick Dempsey, Al Waxman, Isabelle Mejias
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